E-Ink writing tablet in the test: Writing with low latency with the reMarkable 2

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The digital notepad, with which one can work as intuitively as with pen and paper, is a difficult run for manufacturers even in the age of quantum computers: writing is unnatural on smooth tablet surfaces and lines appear irritatingly delayed on the display. Not so with Remarkable 2 from the Norwegian manufacturer of the same name. It comes much closer to the analogue model, and it can also translate what has been written into typed text. The tablet, which is just 4.7 millimeters thick, measures 18.7 × 24.5 centimeters, i.e. between A4 and A5. The plastic housing with aluminum back can be put into one of the covers or flaps available as accessories. Together the whole thing weighs around 600 grams, of which the tablet alone accounts for 399.
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The Remarkable 2 is little more than a classic one-trick pony: You can take handwritten notes with the tablet and it displays DRM-free e-books in Epub format as well as PDFs that you can edit and as PDF, PNG or Can send SVG via email. Pictures shows it in shades of gray. A Chrome extension can be used to convert websites on the PC and send them to the Remarkable for later reading.
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