Waipu.tv vs. Zattoo: Comparison of the TV streaming providers

Waipu.tv versus Zattoo: Comparison of streaming providers for live TV © iStock.com/simpson33, EXARING AG, Zattoo Europa AG

Waipu.tv and Zattoo in comparison: Both providers show live television via online stream.

ZSatellite and cable are still by far the most widely used reception channels for television. But with TV via Internet connection – i.e. IPTV – there has long been an attractive alternative. On the one hand, there is no need to mount a satellite dish or activate a cable connection. In addition, the offers of the large providers Waipu.tv and Zattoo are also worth a look in terms of price – especially since there is HD reception or Pay TV at a low price. Last but not least, they offer convenience features such as video recorders, pause or restart functions and parallel streaming on several (mobile) devices. So you can watch the live programming of ARD, RTL, ProSieben & Co. while on the go, but how do the free and paid packages of the two contractors differ from one another? Table of Contents:

Packages and prices: What do Waipu.tv and Zattoo cost?

Both services each offer free access with limited functionality and two paid packages with more channels, HD reception and additional functions such as recording, restart or pause and use on several devices at the same time. Optionally, you can now also book Netflix at Waipu.tv. Waipu.tv
  • Free package: 0 euros 40 channels (mostly public), no HD, no other functions, cannot be used on Fire TV, Apple TV, Samsung TV or Android TV
  • Comfort package: 5.99 euros per month 117 channels, no HD, two devices in parallel, 50 hours of recording memory, pause function
  • Perfect Plus: 12.99 euros per month (1st month free) 164 channels (139 in HD), 45 pay TV channels, four devices in parallel, 100 hours of recording memory, pause and restart function
  • Perfect Plus with Netflix Basis / Standard / Premium: 19.49 / 23.49 / 27.49 euros per month
  • Free: 0 euros Watch 94 channels (5 in HD), advertisements when switching, only watch unlimited with mobile apps or on the computer (via smart TV, Xbox or streaming stick limited to 30 hours / month)
  • Premium: 9.99 euros per month (30 days free) 115 channels (95 in HD), two devices in parallel, pause and restart function
  • Ultimate: 13.99 euros per month (30 days free) 115 channels (95 in HD, 47 of them in Full HD), four devices in parallel, recording memory for 100 programs, pause and restart function

Broadcaster: Which programs do the providers show?

The choice of channels depends on the package booked. Rule of thumb: the more expensive the package, the more stations are available for streaming. When it comes to free tariffs, Zattoo offers a significantly larger selection with 94 channels compared to Waipu.tv with 40 channels. In addition to the many public broadcasters, this includes some private programs such as Sport 1 HD, Tele 5 HD or Comedy Central.

Parallel and mobile streaming: what is allowed?

If several people in the household want to watch Waipu.tv or Zattoo on different devices at the same time, a paid package is required. Because the free tariffs only support one stream at a time. In the cheapest payment package there are two streams, in the most expensive payment package four streams in parallel. This applies to both providers. However, there are important exceptions at Zattoo. You can start a maximum of one stream from the RTL station group; the same applies to the ProSiebenSat.1 stations. This means that if you watch RTL on your computer, you cannot watch RTL, RTL II, VOX or Nitro a second time on your smartphone at the same time. Zattoo also allows streaming in a third-party WLAN or on the go via cellular network. EU roaming is only possible with the paid packages. Waipu.tv is much more restrictive here. You can only see the full program in your own home WiFi. If you want to watch all channels on Waipu.tv while you are out and about and while traveling within the EU, you have to book a corresponding option for 3 euros per month (not possible in the free package). If you do without it, you will only see the public, some private and possibly booked pay-TV channels outside your own four walls.

Recording function: what options are there?

With Waipu.tv and Zattoo you can record programs so that you can watch them later. Both providers provide storage space in the cloud so that you can access them from any device and even when you are on the move. However, recordings cannot be downloaded. To program a recording, select the desired program from the program overview. For series, you also have the option to have all future episodes recorded. If the transmission time should change, you don’t have to do anything, because the programmed recording adapts automatically.
  • Waipu.tv offers space for 50 hours of recording in the Comfort package and 100 hours in the Perfect Plus package. A further 100 hours can be booked for 4.20 euros per month.
  • Zattoo only offers a recording function in the Ultimate package: 100 programs can be recorded regardless of their length. Space for 50 additional programs costs 1.99 euros per month.
Please note that it is not always possible to fast-forward and rewind recordings due to licensing reasons. Waipu.tv states that this function is not available for stations in the ProSiebenSat.1 Group. At Zattoo, this also applies to the broadcasters in the RTL group. In addition, the recording function for some stations (such as Sky Sport News, Servus TV, CNN International) or individual programs is not available at all.

Taking a break: How does it work at Waipu.tv and Zattoo?

With a click on the pause button, the live program can be paused and continued later. You can pause a program for up to 90 minutes at a time. This function is generally available in all paid packages from Waipu.tv and Zattoo. However: some stations do not allow a break for licensing reasons. Some do not allow fast-forwarding after a break, including the stations of the ProSiebenSat.1 and RTL groups.

Restart and Replay: Start programs from the beginning

The restart function is available in the Waipu.tv package Perfect Plus and in both paid Zattoo packages. This enables you to restart a program that is already running. However, it depends on the respective broadcaster or the program whether this option is offered at all. In the case of public broadcasters, this is usually not a problem, some private TV stations prohibit a restart for licensing reasons. Zattoo also offers a replay function for some channels. This allows you to watch programs that have already been shown. However, this feature is only available for a few channels and programs.

Platforms: Which devices are supported?

Waipu.tv supports the following devices:
  • iPhone / iPad (iOS 12 and higher)
  • Android smartphone / tablet (Android 6.0 and higher)
  • Windows / Mac OS X (web player)
  • Amazon Fire TV / Fire TV Stick
  • Chromecast / Chromecast with Google TV
  • Apple TV 4K & Apple TV HD (4th generation)
  • Samsung TV from 2017
  • Android TV
Zattoo supports the following devices:
  • iPhone / iPad (iOS 11 and higher)
  • Android smartphone / tablet (Android 4.4 and higher)
  • Windows Phone (v8.1 and higher)
  • Windows 10 (app)
  • Windows / Mac OS X (web player)
  • Amazon Fire TV / Fire TV Stick
  • Chromecast
  • Apple TV 4K & Apple TV HD (4th generation)
  • Android TV
  • Xbox One
  • Samsung Smart TV (devices 2012 to 2019)
  • Panasonic Smart TV (devices from 2017)
  • Grundig Fire TV

Test period and duration: What are the deadlines?

You can test the paid packages from both providers for free. For new customers there is the Waipu.tv package Perfect Plus for one calendar month free of charge. Those who choose Zattoo can test the Premium or Ultimate package free of charge for 30 days. Danger: After the test phase, the free access automatically converts to a paid subscription. Those who do not want to pay must cancel in good time. With Waipu.tv the notice period is seven days, with Zattoo only 48 hours. In general, you can cancel the paid packages from Waipu.tv and Zattoo every month. The stated notice periods apply. Otherwise the subscription will be renewed for a further month. So there are no long runtimes with either provider.

Conclusion: Waipu.tv and Zattoo have their advantages

If you don’t want to spend money on TV streaming, with Zattoo Free you get the largest selection of channels that you can watch on the go (within Germany). However, you have to deal with the additional advertisements when switching. When it comes to paid offers, Waipu.tv is slightly ahead. With the Perfect Plus package you not only receive more free TV channels, but also 45 pay TV programs. For the latter, you have to book an additional option with Zattoo, which makes the package significantly more expensive. For this amount, you can even get Netflix from Waipu.tv. In terms of image quality, Zattoo again has a nose in front, there is Full HD (1080p) in the more expensive Ultimate package, while Waipu.tv only offers HD (720p). Disadvantage with Waipu.tv: By default, the service only works to the full extent in your own WLAN at home. You have to pay to use all content and functions on the go. This is not the case with Zattoo. If you actually only use Waipu.tv at home as a replacement for a classic TV connection, that’s no problem.



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