skvder: IKEA brings modular socket outlets for the smart home

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The skvder system is already listed on the Danish IKEA website.

M.ith the Trdfri socket, IKEA already has a smart socket on offer that can be switched via remote control, Alexa, Siri or the Google Assistant. The crux: The gadget is cheap, but also very clunky. With bad luck, it covers an adjacent, free socket. This is exactly the problem that users avoid with the new skvder system. It is a modular socket that can be placed anywhere in the room thanks to an extension cable.

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skvder can also do smart home

Thanks to the optional additional modules, users can connect up to ten sockets in series if necessary. Like the Trdfri socket, the skvder can also be integrated into the smart home. To do this, however, you need the on-off switch, which is also available separately. If you wish, you can connect it to a control unit from the Trdfri series, such as the 6 Euro wireless dimmer. The socket can then also be integrated into the intelligent home using the furniture company’s home smart app.

skvder also compatible with Alexa & Co.?

It is not entirely clear whether skvder also supports voice assistants. IKEA does not mention Google Assistant, Alexa & Co. on the overview page. But since the Trdfri socket can also be controlled by voice command, integration is obvious. However, the solution would have one disadvantage compared to other smart multiple sockets: Individual sockets cannot be addressed via app or remote control. If you press the switch once, you cut off the power supply for everyone.

IKEA skvder: prices and availability

They go first skvder modules in Denmark and Sweden at the start and score points there with very affordable prices. A set with three sockets and two extension cables costs the equivalent of around 17 euros. The on-off switch costs around 10 euros. A cable from the wall socket to the skvder module costs 5 euros, a connection cable for the modules between each other costs a little more than 6 euros. The start date for Germany is still pending, but the instructions for the skvder series are already available in German.



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