New turntables: Dual CS 418 and CS 518

The vinyl boom continues, and accordingly there is a need for new turntables. After all, not every baby can be kept alive forever. And many buyers of very affordable models get a taste for it and report a need for higher-quality turntables. Dual reacts with the two new turntables CS 418 and CS 518 and thus gives the go-ahead for a completely new series. The basic construction of the CS 418 and the CS 518 is identical, they only differ in one important detail.

The best turntables

  • great workmanship
  • good sound
  • good equipment
  • Handling of the needle guard fiddly
AT-LP120XUSB black
  • extensive equipment
  • good pickup
  • sounds a bit dull
  • imitation design unimaginative
Debut Carbon EVO
  • Fine sound quality
  • Easy to use
  • High quality cartridge mounted
  • For this price there is nothing to complain about
Debut III Record Master
  • precisely manufactured mechanics
  • good sound quality
  • built-in preamplifier with USB
  • Feet on the housing cannot be adjusted in height
Planar 2
  • Powerful sound
  • Great build quality
  • Very high quality tonearm
  • Equipment minimalist
MusicCast VINYL 500 (TT-N503)
  • perfectly networked with Yamaha products
  • beautifully processed
  • Operation beyond vinyl playback confusing
CS 458
  • Well-balanced sound with warm balance and good dynamics
  • Uncomplicated fully automatic
  • Fine workmanship
  • Feet not height adjustable
  • Clean, detailed sound
  • Good pickup
  • Extensive equipment with preamplifier
  • Tonearm stored a bit wobbly
  • A little cautious in the bass
T1 Phono SB white
  • Tonearm bearings run smoothly and without play
  • Quiet engine running
  • Electronic speed changeover
  • Well pre-assembled
  • Good preamp built in
  • Adjusting the tracking force cumbersome
  • No anti-skating setting
Complete list: the best turntables

Dual CS 418: good equipment for the money

With its massive MDF housing – also known as the frame for turntables – the new Dual CS 418 plays in the 6-kilo league. The budget wasn’t enough for a real wood surface, just for black imitation. Soft rubber feet are supposed to absorb disruptive vibrations. The cast aluminum platter weighs at least 0.85 kilograms, and a thick rubber mat prevents it from ringing. It is driven by a belt that dampens any engine vibrations. A direct current motor is used as the drive, so the speed can be easily changed using a switch.
Dual equips the CS 518 and CS 418 with the fine Ortofon 2M Red pickup.
Dual equips the CS 518 and CS 418 with the fine Ortofon 2M Red pickup.
In addition to the usual 33 1/3 and 45 revolutions per minute, 78 revolutions for old shellac records can also be selected. The tonearm requires completely manual operation. A dampened tonearm lift is available to help, but there is no automatic switch-off. Dual equips the tonearm with the Ortofon 2M Red cartridge. The magnet system alone, which costs around 100 euros, has also proven itself in the test winner Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Evo, for example. Dual owners don’t have to worry about connecting the turntable either: The CS 418 has a built-in preamplifier so that it can be connected to any stereo input (aux, line, CD and similar).

Dual CS 518: Better mounted tonearm

The new Dual CS 518 looks very similar to the CS 418. The frame and platter are identical, and the three-speed motor is the same. Dual also equips the CS 518 with the preamplifier and installs the Ortofon 2M Red ex works. The only difference between the two is the tonearm. The CS 418 rotates and rocks in a horizontal ball bearing and two vertical needle bearings. With the CS 518, on the other hand, the arm moves in a cardan bearing, the additional bearing point should enable more stable scanning of the record grooves with minimal friction.
The Dual CS 518 has a gimbal-mounted tonearm.
The tonearm of the new Dual CS 518 has a cardan bearing.

Dual CS 418 and CS 518: Pricing and Availability

Both new dual turntables should be available for immediate delivery. The Dual CS 418 costs 499 euros, the Dual CS 518 with a better tonearm costs 649 euros. The housing design is always black, the transparent protective cover is included in the scope of delivery.



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