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AOTU World is a strategy RPG mobile game designed for young people and is available on both Android and iOS. In the game, players get to experience many different features. AOTU World is a game where a player can interact with different kinds of the player. By retaining the original animation series’ main storyline. In the game, a player gets to experience all-new, fast-paced tactical battles where they get to explore and unlock the ultimate secrets of AOTU World. If a player needs a beginners guide, tips, and a complete tier list to be an expert player in AOTU World go through this article, it will provide a player with basic strategies.

Getting started

In the game, players also get customize the game by using the DIY system, if players want to change their character’s facial details and outfits. It extends to dying hair, garments, and accessories, and there’s also a doodle system present where a player can create their masterpieces or make fan art.

1. Similarities with the AOTU World anime

AOTU World and The AOTU World Anime
AOTU World and The AOTU World Anime
AOTU World is similar to the AOTU World anime. It is a traditional strategy role-playing game, where the game uses a block-based board. Here, each block defines player actions, which means a player can move a unit to a particular block, where a player will automatically perform the move allowed to that area. It combines moving and fighting into one that enables the game to become fast-paced.

2. Looking at the chapter quests

AOTU World Quests
Quest will help a player to know the task assigned to be completed at a particular level. A player will get three-four turns in his game where a player has to defeat all the enemies within the given turns without any contestants losing their connection. This is important because the contestants need time to cool down whereas the other contestant can take up the place to kill the enemy.

3. Dominate the Puzzle stages

AOTU WORLD puzzle stage
AOTU World puzzle stage

Here a player also gets to play special games where a player needs to use their units to their full potential under restrictions such as time limits or the position of enemies. To unlock those special games, a player has to proceed through the different levels by defeating the enemies. It will unlock more areas in the game. These stages are the most challenging parts of AOTU World.

4. Understand all the Battle system levels

AOTU WORLD Levels of The Battle System
Levels of the Battle System
In the game, players can decide their actions by combining each unique character depending upon the attack styles, abilities, and personality. It is important to place them in the right position to make the most of their skills. 

Best characters in AOTU World

AOTU World is a fast-paced strategy RPG designed for young people that includes unique characters with stylish outfits. If players are facing trouble choosing the best character here, in this section of our AOTU World beginners guide is our list of all the best characters from AOTU World and their complete set of skills. Before starting with the game, get to know all the details about the best characters from the game.

1. Grey

Grey has special Block slash skills that can launch a basic attack and prepares to counter one attack this turn. This counter deals 64% of P.ATK as P.DMG. This buff is removed after your Counter is triggered. His meta-skills extend the range of basic attacks and increase P.ATK by 21%, which lasts 3 turns. His Meta lethal is a slicing assault that Attacks one enemy unit within two blocks 5 times in succession, each attack dealing 42% of P.ATK as P.DMG.

2. Zuma

Zuma has special feather ward skills that can launch basic attacks on an enemy init and has a 5% leech effect. He has meta-skills called swift wind that can raise and move a distance of all allied units with x blocks by X and lasts X2 turns. With the slicing wind, he Deals 72% of your P.ATK as P.DMG to one enemy unit within a 3 block range and all enemy units within one block of that enemy

3. Reid

Reid has a special Mecha arm skill that can launch a basic attack on x1 enemy unit and reduces X of their P.Def. Lasts X1 turns. With the meta-skills called quantum sense, he can dispel or change position with the allied unit with the lowest HP and heal them by 21% of HP. Reid has a meta lethal called heat pulse where he can DE buff or apply the following effects to all enemy units within three blocks; Increase damage taken by 21%; reduce healing effects by 55%. This effect lasts for two turns.

4. Ray

Ray has special thunderbolt skills that deal 67% of your M.ATK as M.DMG to 2 enemy units within two blocks. He has meta-skills called swift thunder, where he Deals 62% M.DMG to the enemy with the lowest HP within two blocks and can be used more than once per turn. Reid Meta lethal called thunderous descent Deal 84% of your M.ATK as M.DMG to three enemy units within three blocks.

5. Pelley

Pelley has special crushing Fang skills that can launch a basic attack on a single enemy unit dealing 110% P.DMG and lowering the target’s healing received by 5%. This lasts two turns. His meta-skills Berserk empowers leech and Gain 21% leech until next action this turn and can be used more than once per turn to stack effects. Pelley Meta lethal grav orb Deal 62% of P.ATK as P.DMG to all enemy units within two blocks.

6. Palos

Palos has special shadow bind skills that can Launch a basic attack on a single enemy unit and reduce 2% of their P.ATK. This lasts 2turns. His meta-skills shadow clone can deal 62% M.DMG to the enemy with the lowest HP within 2blocks and can be used more than once per turn. Palos Meta lethal bursting clone, summon a clone with 30% of Max HP and 43% of P.ATK, SPD, P.DEF, and M.DEF. Additionally, the healing return can be cloned. Each clone returned recovers 21% Max HP and 2 Meta.

7. Camil

Camil has special grav seal skills that can launch a basic attack that costs X of current HP, causing bonus damage equal to 1.1X of the lost HP. he has a meta-skills grav release that shield or switches to grav release status by increasing the user SPD by X15 and P.1TK by 10%. It cannot dispel and grant allies within the X2 block, which is a shield equal to X 10% of their max HP for X3 turns. Camil Meta’s lethal grav overdrive can heal and switch into grav overdrive status reducing damage taken by 10% and restore 20% max HP, which cannot be dispelled.

Understanding the Fighting styles

AOTU WORLD fighting style
AOTU World fighting style

In this game, every player has a fighting style. They might be stronger to one but weaker to another, so the player has to choose accordingly. There are 5 different types;-Fighter, Brawler, Blitzer, Light, and Dark

  • Fighter: They are Stronger against Blitzer’s but weaker against Brawlers.
  • Blitzer: They are Stronger against Brawlers but weaker against Fighters.
  • Brawler: They are Stronger against Fighters but weaker against Blitzer’s.
  • Light: They are Stronger and weaker against Dark.
  • Dark: They are Stronger and weaker against Light.

Apart from this, every player has a secondary style that is different from another player. For example, a Tank class player can protect their allies by defeating the enemy unit, and a generator class player is good at generating more Meta in the battle to allow their allies to use more skills. Every player has their attack range:- Front. Mid, and Back.

  • Frontline units are placed in the front to maximize their potential.
  • Mid-line units are placed in between the Frontline and Backline units,
  • Backline units are placed in the back of the battlefield to utilize the maximum potential.

To sum everything, this game gives players the advantage to experience and explore new secrets of the AOTU world. The game has few key features such as strategy and thrilling combat, complex puzzle, Innovative PVP gameplay, customization of hundreds of fashion combinations, loads of mini-games to have a blast with friends, and building bonds with characters from the original animation series.

That’s all for today folks! Go ahead and give it a try and if you are finding trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back to this AOTU World beginners guide! That’s all for today’s AOTU World Beginners Guide. Did you find our AOTU World beginners guide useful? Do let us know in the comments below! For more Mobile Gaming news and updates, join our WhatsApp groupTelegram Group, or Discord server. Also, follow us on Google News, Instagramand Twitter for quick updates.



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