Naked Shopping: This Instagram model is topless shopping

Gitte von G has a weakness for silicone and airy clothing. She regularly presents both preferences in the form of bulging and almost uncovered breasts in the photo network belonging to Facebook Instagram. There, the 40-year-old Dnin with her rubber dinghy lips gathers a small but fine following of almost 60,000 followers. She keeps them up to date with fresh pictures almost every day, on which the blonde pushes the line between permitted eroticism and prohibited pornography with a lot of finesse and little material. She goes to great lengths to achieve this, because the competition is fierce. Ladies like Emily Knight, Julia Rose and Viking Barby also vie for the favor of Instagram users with bare skin and are much more successful.

Shopping in airy dress

Gitte von G is now counteracting this with a sensational campaign. Like them in a current one Video Presented on Instagram, she recently made a detour to downtown Copenhagen. There she let herself be filmed as she trundled through department stores and supermarkets almost naked! Dressed only in knee-high leopard print boots, a gauzy thong and a wide-open Army Parker, she strutted stiffly through the store shelves while a helper at the camera recorded the whole thing for the Internet community. Judging by her gaze, she felt extremely seductive during the action, but appears a bit wooden in her movements. Your fans are still very enthusiastic and celebrate their exhibitionistic shopping trip in the comments.

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Even passers-by were supposedly impressed

And the popularity is not only great on the Internet, she is also said to have received positive feedback for her campaign in shops. One Media report According to her, she proudly revealed afterwards that even men, accompanied by their girlfriends, would have craned their necks after her. It remains to be seen whether they might just have doubted the young woman’s state of mind and considered getting help. However, there was no trouble, the employees in the branch only looked at her with interest but said nothing. According to her own statements, Gitte von G was so scantily clad in Copenhagen all day long. Hopefully she did not get a cystitis with the current autumn temperatures.



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