7 Scenes in Bollywood Movies Which Talked about ‘Intercourse’ in the most Stupid Way –

In a country like ours saying the word ‘sex’ out loud is nothing short of a public offense. Bollywood was not always bold about sex. From making flowers pollinate to zooming into two people aggressively holding hands, Bollywood movies has always shied away from the topic. But there are a few scenes that stand out for being sexist or stupid. Decide for yourself. Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam
The one scene that made me awkward in front of my parents was when Nandini’s mom asked her if she’d had sex with Sameer, and she starts yelling ‘usne meri aatma ko chhua hai.’  So much of drama! Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon
One of the most cringy scenes of Bollywood is the one when Sanjana’s mother asks her if she’s had sex with the ‘fake’ Prem and then when she denies, she starts yelling, toh phir problem kya hai?  Vivah
The song ‘Mujhe Haq Hai’ had covered all the grounds of an awkward sexy time conversation, from Shahid asking Amrita to come to his terrace to the typical intimate finger intertwined hand-holding. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge
Okay, let’s admit that the ‘morning after’ can be awkward, but Raj made it worse. Simran almost had an heart attack. Look at her face!! Ishq Vishk
This scene showed sexual harassment by Shahid. But as it usually happens in the end, the girl takes him back despite what he has done with her. Prem Aggan
Who needs an honest conversation when you can both manipulate each other? Right. From ‘mujhe voh haseen dard dedo’ to ‘main tumhara imtihaan le rahi thi,’ this scene was highly messed up and hilarious too. Dil Hai Tumhara
Telling a child that he/she is najayaz is hard, but Rekha did it so easily by telling Preity Zinta about her ‘characterless’ mother and her najayaz status in life. Source



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