You Will be Surpised to Know the Fees That Ajay Devgn Charged for a Cameo in Sooryavanshi –

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Director Rohit Shetty is much popular for making power-packed films and creating great action sequences . His series of films which includes cops and currupion is ‘Singham’ and it’s sequel, ‘Simbba and now the much awaited movie , ‘Sooryavanshi.‘ However , the release date of the movie has been pushed back and we all know the cause is COVID-19 for that.
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Actor Ajay Devgn has been a part of his movies since long and in the recent films , he got a short role to play but that was a heavy dose for his fans . Many people believed that Ajay Devgn will be doing a cameo in the film Sooryavanshi , it seems as if he is doing a sort of a supporting role.
Ajay Devgn Paid for Sooryavanshi
Now the question is how much Ajay Devgn has charged for his appearance in ‘Sooryavanshi’. If sources are to be believed, he has charged a whopping Rs. 10 crore for the same. It is said that, to shoot his part in the film, Ajay Devgn was available for a period of 10 days and the entire sequence involving him was shot at an undisclosed location.
Ajay Devgn Paid for Sooryavanshi
As per the sources, Ajay Devgn’s fees for such small role in ‘Sooryavanshi‘ is almost equal to Katrina’s fees (Rs. 8 -10 crore) for the entire film . Ajay Devgn has always played a promising character and his recent release ‘Tanhaji‘ was a big hit and was the highest grossing Bollywood film of 2020.
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