YouTuber Dagi Bee: 23 Hours music label founded


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Dagi-Bee-Label: 23 hours of work?

After cosmetics and textiles, which the couple sells through Beetique GmbH, a label and artist management will be added at 23 Hours. The two companies are based in Monheim am Rhein, between Cologne and Düsseldorf. “Above all, we want to help artists with the initial release of their tracks,” says Eugen Kazakov. Dagi Bee adds: “With our many years of expertise we can advise the artists on marketing and reach.” Accordingly, in addition to music and video productions, the range of services includes social media marketing, image building of the artists as well as promotion and marketing campaigns that are played out via social networks. Digital rights management is also never wrong. All that remains to be clarified is whether the name 23 Hours is about working 23 hours and only sleeping one.

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