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Updated August 14, 2020: New entries added
Originality is a highly sought after quality in games, and we’re also the biggest cheerleaders of games that have been made specifically for mobile. But do you know the one thing that overrides both concerns? Quality. Put simply, if a game is really good, we want it to be available to play on Android. That’s why we get excited when we hear news of a beloved game being ported to mobile. It invariably means that whole bunch more people are going to get to see what all the fuss is about. Besides which, there’s an extra thrill to playing a game on a smartphone where previously you had to have a PC or console set-up to experience it. That old ‘can you believe it’s on your phone?’ thrill hasn’t worn off over the years. Indeed, thanks to technical advances in smartphone design, and the tightening up of Bluetooth controller support, modern conversions will often play and look as well on mobile as anywhere else. Here are just 25 of the ports and conversions we like playing on our Android phones. There are many more, so do share in the comments below.



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