XQC accuses McconnellRet of stream sniping in Among Us

Screengrab via https://www.twitch.tv/xqcow
One of the most popular games on Twitch, Among Us has been a vehicle for conflict between many of the streamers competing against one another in the game. A streamer who has been involved in some of the biggest arguments within the game as of late XQC has alleged a player of stream sniping during a recent stream.
XQC felt that the World of Warcraft streamer McconnellRet had been cheating during the game. After being eliminated XQC said to his stream “He’s literally stream sniping just to get me, dude, he’s just so sad.” After the chat questioned his allegation XQC doubled down stating that he had discovered Mcconnell’s cheating during the previous round. “Guys this is how I know, last time when I was a crewmate, I said something on stream and he ended up bringing it up in the discussion on discord when he shouldn’t be listening to me” explained XQC.
While there was no proof that Mcconnell had been stream sniping outside of XQC’s allegation the pair of streamers continued, taking shots at one another. XQC began criticizing Mcconnell’s ability to play WOW stating that he believed he would be better at the game regardless of having never played it. “You could play WOW for another entire lifetime and you’d still be worse at the game that I don’t even fucking play. That’s the truth dude regardless of how you see it, it’s tough to buy man but that’s just how it is.” XQC said. Mcconnell responded calling XQC a variety Andy before XQC defending himself stating he was a multiple gladiator titleholder. XQC has been one of the most consistent streamers playing Among Us over the past week or so, having put in regular 8 hour plus streams of the game.



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