World of Warcraft Classic Burning Crusade dungeon entrances

World of Warcraft Classic The Burning Crusade doesn’t have a release date yet. But with the beta live, many players have started contemplating their path from level 60 to 70. During the WoW Classic release in 2019, many players relied on dungeon leveling due to overpopulation in the open world—and it’s highly likely that will be the case again when TBC launches. With that in mind, it’s important to know where the entrance is to every dungeon in the expansion so that you can maximize the amount of time you spend in the instance. If you don’t, you might find yourself scrambling at the last minute to figure out where to go. To make things a little bit more simple, we’ve compiled a list of all the dungeons with their entrance locations. 

Hellfire Ramparts

This is the first instance you’ll probably go to after crossing through the Dark Portal. Located in the middle of Hellfire Peninsula, this is the first of three dungeons associated with Hellfire Citadel. To get there, you’ll want to head west down the ride from Thrallmar or Honor Hold until you see a bridge to the center of the citadel. If you’re coming from Thrallmar, you’ll have to veer left on the bridge to go down a ramp that leads you to the ramparts.
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The Blood Furnace

If you’ve tackled Ramparts and want to move your way up, Blood Furnace is just around the corner. The entrance to this instance can be found by exiting the south side of the bridge that Ramparts is on and riding a little bit further west down the road. There, you’ll find another stone wall bridge that you can climb up and walk across. Just follow its path and you’ll find the entrance to the Blood Furnace.

Shattered Halls

As the one high-level dungeon in Hellfire, Shattered Halls requires a key to get in. Located up the ramp from Ramparts, this dungeon will have a closed gate preventing players without a key from getting in.  The gate can be unlocked by rogues with a high enough lockpicking skill or by players who have completed a quest chain that begins by killing Smith Gorlunk in Shadowmoon Valley.

Slave Pens

This dungeon is one of three five-man dungeons located in Zangarmarsh at the Coilfang Reservoir. The instance’s entrances are located next to one another and are close to the entrance for the Serpentshrine Cavern raid. To get to the dungeons, you’ll need to swim to the center of Serpent Lake and go through a long tunnel that leads you to an underground cave.  Slave Pens will be on the far left of the three instances.
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Located in the same area of Zangarmarsh as Slave Pens, inside the Coilfang Reservoir, the Underbog is the far-right dungeon entrance of the three dungeons in the hub.


Hidden underground in the Coilfang Reservoir beside Salve Pens and the Underbog, Steamvaults is the middle dungeon entrance of the instances in the hub. Serpentshrine Cavern’s raid entrance is to the right of the Steamvaults entrance. So make sure you’re walking into the dungeon and not the raid that’s next to it.


Terokkar Forest is the home of the next TBC dungeon hub. To get to Mana-Tombs, you’ll want to hop into the lower portion of Auchindoun, which is just south of the Bone Wastes.  Once you’ve jumped into the arena, there will be a number of caves that you can walk down with different dungeon entrances. Mana-Tombs can be found in the northern portion of the Auchindoun.
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Auchenai Crypts

Residing in the Terokkar Forest dungeon hub underneath Auchindoun, the Auchenai Crypts can be found by hopping into the arena and heading west. This is one of four instances in the area. 

Sethekk Halls

Sethekk Halls is in the same area as Auchenai Crypts and Mana-Tombs. The only difference is that once you’re in the lower arena area, you’ll want to head into the eastern cave to find the dungeon entrance.

Shadow Labyrinth

As the high-level dungeon associated with the Terokkar Forest dungeon hub, Shadow Labyrinth is the southern dungeon of the four. Make sure you know which dungeon you’re heading into before walking through. Shadow Lab will be significantly more difficult than all the others.

Old Hillsbrad Foothills

Image via Blizzard Entertainment
This is one of just a few TBC dungeons that you won’t be able to find in the Outlands. To get to Old Hillsbrad, you’ll first need to go to Tanaris and speak to a dragon at the entrance of the Caverns of Time. From there, you’ll be escorted through the Caverns of Time with a few introductory quests to the caverns that will direct you to the Old Hillsbrad Foothills dungeon.  The instance itself will be located down a cave that has evergreen trees and scrubs by the walls. 

Black Morass

Located in the Caverns of Time near Old Hillsbrad Foothills, the Black Morass can be found by traveling left of the Old Hillsbrad Foothills entrance. You’ll know that you’re walking into the correct instance based on the purple and red sky that’s paired with alligators and a swamp theme to the area.

The Botanica

The Botanica is among three dungeons located at Tempest Keep to the far east of the Netherstorm. To get to the dungeons, you’ll want to get flying first because the entrances are floating in the sky.  The Botanica is the dungeon floating farthest to the left. You’ll be able to tell you’re there based on the blue crystals surrounding it.
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The Mechanar

The Mechanar also floats in the sky at Tempest Keep. As the far-right dungeon of the three in the area, it’s distinguishable by the purple crystals around the entrance.

The Arcatraz

Sitting in the center of Tempest Keep relative to The Mechanar and The Botanica, The Arcatraz has red crystals on the building that make it easy to pick apart from the other two dungeons in the area.



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