robotaxi: The first international robotaxy is on the road in 2023

robotaxy is starting. Cruise, an autonomous vehicle company supported by General Motors and Honda, will launch its first international “robotaxy” service in Dubai in 2023. The vehicle, which will be the first international market experience for the GM-backed autonomous driving company, was announced today by Dubai’s crown prince, Hamdan bin Mohammed. Cruise will use fully autonomous Origin vehicles, which it introduced for the first time in 2019, as part of its vehicle recall service. The company does not plan to use Chevy Bolt electric vehicles, which it currently uses as part of its test fleet in San Francisco, for this service.

Cruise’s goal for autonomous vehicles is big

Designed as a sharable vehicle, the Origin will not have any control typically associated with human driving, such as steering wheels or pedals, when it goes into production. In addition, let us state that Cruise’s goal for the service that will start in 2023 is to reach at least 4,000 vehicles in Dubai by 2030. Cruise wanted San Francisco to be its first market for commercial robotics service. The company had planned to launch a commercial service in its hometown in 2019, but it failed to do so and has yet to announce a new date. Cruise Origin will enter production at GM’s Detroit-Hamtramck factory from 2022. In light of the negative impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on common vehicle calling, Cruise recently announced a new set of safety protocols aimed at keeping people socially off during trips. Let us state that Cruise is among the best capitalized autonomous vehicle companies in the world. Over the past three years, the company has raised over $ 7.4 billion from a number of investors, including SoftBank, Honda, GM, T. Rowe Price Group and Microsoft. The successful company in its field is currently worth $ 19 billion. Dubai thinks Cruise could be a natural fit for fully autonomous vehicles. On the other hand, the kingdom aims that 20 percent of its travels will be carried out by autonomous vehicles by 2030. Dubai has also invited a number of urban air transport companies such as Volocopter to test electric drones.



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