Wireless in-ear headset TWS / 1 from Grell Audio put to the test

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Axel Grell was one of the leading headphone developers at Sennheiser until the end of 2018 and was responsible for classics such as the HD-600. Now his own company Grell Audio is presenting its first wireless in-ear headset TWS / 1. In the test, it sat comfortably in our ears and did not slip out during light sporting activities. In terms of sound, the TWS / 1 emphasizes the bass range below 100 Hertz much more than the Apple Airpods Pro or Grell’s earlier studio headphones. Nevertheless, they reproduce details precisely and in comparison looked “crisper” and “harder” than, for example, the Sennheiser Momentum TW (from € 117.99). The mids remained discoloration-free and the highs remained clear, without the singers starting to hiss – that’s how it should be.
Compared to the neutral, open Sennheiser HD-600 (yellow) over-ear headphones, the TWS / 1 headset significantly increases the bass (red: without ANC, blue: with ANC). The slight increase in the mids in ANC mode at around 1 kHz is due to the interaction with the rubber ears of our artificial head and did not occur during test listening.
Axel Grell specifies narrow fluctuation ranges for the frequency response for the manufacture of the in-ears. The transducers may only deviate from the target curve by +/- 1 decibel. Other manufacturers also tolerate a deviation of up to 3 decibels. With a diameter of 10 millimeters, the built-in transducers also have twice the area of ​​the usual 7 mm drivers. To move the same amount of air, they have to vibrate with a lower amplitude, which has a positive effect on distortions
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