WinSim tariffs: Make phone calls, text messages, and surf from 4.99 euros

WinSim gained notoriety for its cheap mobile phone tariffs with flexible and fixed terms, especially the short-term offers always cause a stir. The O2 network is still being used, but as a brand of the Drillisch-Gesellschaft, that is likely to change in the future, because it took part in the auction of the 5G frequencies. According to Drillisch, the company’s own cellular network will start in the course of the year. COMPUTER BILD reveals what the current WinSim tariffs do.

WinSim tariffs: you need to know that

  • Broad range: WinSim prominently advertises three LTE tariffs including all-network flat rates, but there are seven – all with and without a term. In addition, WinSim offers data-only tariffs.
  • Inexpensive entertainment: Optionally, the WinSim tariff can be expanded with additional options – for example with music via Napster, television via Zattoo or news via BILDplus. Each with a price advantage.
  • Actions: Almost every week WinSim pulls out an action – sometimes with more data volume, sometimes with reduced prices. It is worth taking a regular look at the WinSim website.
Regardless of whether you opt for a term of 30 days or 24 months, nothing changes in the tariff services. It starts regularly for 5.99 euros (LTE All 1 GB). The other LTE All tariffs beat without any action at 7.99 euros (LTE All 3 GB), 9.99 euros (LTE All 5 GB), 12.99 euros (LTE All 7 GB), 14.99 euros (LTE All 10 GB) and 19.99 euros (LTE All 20 GB) to book. All come with an eponymous all-network flat rate as well as different data volumes, which can also be found in the tariff names.
  • LTE All 1 GB: 5.99 euros | 1 GB | Allnet and SMS flat rate
  • LTE All 3 GB: 7.99 euros | 3 GB | Allnet and SMS flat rate
  • LTE All 5 GB: 9.99 euros | 5 GB | Allnet and SMS flat rate
  • LTE All 7 GB: 12.99 euros | 7 GB | Allnet and SMS flat rate
  • LTE All 10 GB: 14.99 euros | 10 GB | Allnet and SMS flat rate
  • LTE All 20 GB: 19.99 euros | 20 GB | Allnet and SMS flat rate
WinSim tariffs with Allnet Flat

WinSim: The telephony tariff for 4.99 euros

Those who hardly surf the web but make a lot of phone calls and text messages will find a cheaper alternative in the LTE All 100 MB telephony tariff for 4.99 euros. By default, the two-year contract is also selected in the tariff selection and WinSim charges a one-time fee of 19.99 euros if it can be terminated monthly. The tariff offers – to live up to its name – a telephone and SMS flat rate. The monthly data volume, however, is particularly narrow at 100 MB. Users should be careful with the deactivatable automatic data control, which takes effect here more quickly. From a consumption of 700 MB, the surfing speed drops from 21.6 to a mere 0.016 Mbps.
WinSim LTE All 100 MB (telephony tariff) 4.99 euros | 100 MB | Allnet and SMS flat rate
The pure data tariffs are only suitable for mobile surfing. If you book such a tariff with WinSim, you choose one of four offers: LTE Internet 1 GB, LTE Internet 6 GB, LTE Internet 15 GB or LTE Internet 22 GB. The term is either one month or two years, whereby the provision fee of 19.99 euros does not apply to the latter. When surfing, up to 50 Mbps are available, data can be sent to the World Wide Web at a maximum of 32 Mbps. Automatic data control is activated, but can be switched off if necessary. Tethering is possible. With WinSim, customers have the choice between six fast LTE tariffs with increasing services and prices. The smallest tariff is called LTE All 1 GB. The next larger ones use the same name pattern and only vary in the gigabyte value (GB), which indicates the respective inclusive data volume. Accordingly, there is a choice of 3 (LTE All 3 GB), 5 (LTE All 5 GB), 7 (LTE All 7 GB), 10 GB (LTE All 10 GB) or 20 GB (LTE All 20 GB) at regular prices between 5, 99 euros to 19.99 euros available – regular promotions result in more data volumes or reduced prices. You can access the Internet via LTE at 50 Mbps, and clips or photos can be uploaded to social networks at a maximum of 32 Mbps. In addition, WinSim offers the Telephony tariff for 4.99 euros, which comes with a small data volume of 100 megabytes (up to 21.6 Mbps). Attention: After the included volume has been used, WinSim automatically books up to three times 200 megabytes for 2 euros each. This so-called Data automation can be deactivated; Tethering is possible. All tariffs come with a flat rate for telephony (landline and mobile) as well as SMS and support EU roaming; Service and special numbers are excluded. If you opt for a monthly terminable tariff (30 days term), there is a one-time provision fee of 19.99 euros. This fee does not apply if you accept a term of 24 months. Those who take their phone number with them benefit from a switch bonus of 6.82 euros.

WinSim tariffs: the options

One of the options available to WinSim customers is a telephone number of their choice. The service costs a one-time fee of 19.99 euros – the prerequisite is that the desired number is not already in use. With the MultiCard, customers can request a second SIM card in addition to their main card. This means that a second mobile device can be used with the same phone number, for example on a tablet. The number of cards is limited to a maximum of three devices. The one-time setup costs 4.95 euros per MultiCard, the monthly surcharge is 2.95 euros. If the order is placed afterwards, WinSim also charges a one-time fee of 14.95 euros for the exchange of the main card. If the data volume is insufficient, 1 GB can be booked up to nine times a month for 4.99 euros (“Data Snack 1 GB”).

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Prepaid: use tariff calculator, find top offer

Together with Verivox, COMPUTER BILD offers a practical mobile phone tariff calculator. After entering the included volume, network & Co., it searches for the most suitable one for you Prepaid tariff and compares it with the tariffs of other providers – after all, WinSim is not alone in the market. Great: Once you have found the optimal prepaid tariff, it can be booked with just a few clicks.



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