Wild Pass S2 now live in Wild Rift with Hexplorer Teemo skin

League of Legends: Wild Rift ranked season three has just launched and players are getting the chance to work their way through the game’s second-ever Wild Pass. The Wild Pass is a way for players to score themselves a variety of items, but this season the big prize is a new skin for Teemo, Hexplorer Teemo. To earn this reward, players will need to level their Wild Pass to level 50, but you will need also need the premium Wild Pass which will cost 590 Wild Cores or 990 for the Elite version, which offers a five-level boost and some Elite missions to help you level up faster.
The Hexplorer Teemo skin is a new look exclusive to Wild Rift that puts its own unique spin on everyone’s favorite Yordle. In the skin’s splash art, fans noticed that Tristana is also donning a new look in the background, possibly hinting she could also receive the Hexplorer treatment in a future update. Right now, the Wild Pass live in addition to season three of ranked, so there is plenty of players to do and earn. Even without purchasing the premium upgrade for your Wild Pass, there are plenty of rewards you can earn, including blue essence and poro coins.



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