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Tip #1: Do all of your daily quests and claim all the free chests

If you want to progress at a steady pace, then your best bet is to complete all the daily quests regularly. They will give you 100 Gems and 1 Philosopher’s Stone completely for free if you get all the chests up to the last one, and that means in 9 days you can do 10 summons (9+1 free). You will also get a bunch of speedups and resources, which will come in handy the more you play. If you’re at the very start, you will also have the Growth Missions, which will reward you with various items, from EXP to resources and Philosopher’s Stones. These are a one-time-only type of reward, and they act as sort of a tutorial. Do these as soon as you can. Now about the other types of rewards, you will have quite a lot of them to keep track of. To start, you have the Consecutive Login Rewards, Daily Login Rewards, Daily Exclusive Chest and Daily Free Bundle to name a few. Make sure you check out every feature that has a small red dot on top because that means there’s something for you to claim.

Tip #2: Join an active Alliance

It’s extremely important to find a very active Alliance to join, because that’s one of the main features this game relies on. Being part of an active alliance means that you will be able to get free speed ups from the other players, join in various Alliance-related events and move your base next to your other Alliance mates. Why is that important? Easy. When you’re next to tens of other players with the same Alliance tag, it will be less likely that you’ll get attacked by a random player. So, even if you don’t have a protection shield anymore, just being active and sticking next to your Alliance mates will be enough to fend off most rogue attackers. Help the other Alliance members for free speedups Just like you’d receive help from the other players, you should also offer to help them whenever they need help. When an Alliance mate helps you out, your construction or upgrade timer will reduce considerably, so make sure to always wait for help before spending your hard-earned speedups. Make daily donations Make sure to donate every day to your alliance for whatever skill the leader is trying to upgrade. Typically, the leader will leave a notice as to what players should donate to. If not, check your total number of resources and donate wherever you would like to. Claim free gifts! Sometimes you can get free gifts. What is there not to like about that?

Tip #3: Max out all the buildings you have before you upgrade the Castle

The Castle is your main building, and you always want to upgrade it as much as possible. However, that might not always be the best thing to do. What you could do is upgrade every single building you currently have to its max level (for your current Castle level). That will make things a lot better in the long run, because it will be easier to keep track of every upgrade you need to make. Make sure to always stay on top of all the resource farm upgrades, because these will provide a steady source of Iron, Stone, Wood, Food and Gold. You will need these for basically everything, so make them your number one priority. If you are curious to learn how to track down your current resource production, then simply tap on top of your screen on one of the resources you want to check out. In the window that pops up, it will show you the current output and how much of that resource you have in your inventory (Owned). Keep in mind that Owned is not the same as In Stock – In Stock means that you’ll have to spend Gems to purchase it, and the limit is 10/day.

Tip #4: Use the Event Calendar to better organise your day

If you’re busy IRL, but still want to progress steadily in the game, you should make use of the Calendar. It will give you a daily tracker of all the events currently running in the game, and that’s definitely something that will help you out quite a bit. You can find this option on the game’s main interface (in base), on the top right side. If you tap on one of the events currently undergoing it will take you straight to it. You’ll also find daily events and everything else you need in order to progress. Bind your account While this is listed under the Calendar Events, at the very bottom, it’s more of a one-time thing only. Make sure you bind your account as soon as you start playing because you’ll not only get 100 Enchant Stones, 300 Gems and Protection Barrier but also keep your account safe.

Tip #5: Don’t invest in all the Immortals – not all of them are that good

It might come as a surprise, but not all the Immortals are worth spending your resources on. At the very start, you will most likely get just a few good ones (and possibly only 1-2 Legendary). Check out the Infinity Kingdoms tier list to see if the Immortals you have are worth investing in.

Tip #6: Use the World Map to hunt for EXP and resources (and to track down players)

In the World Map you can find monster camps that will give you EXP and other resources, so start with the level 1 ones and make your way up. You can occasionally find some world bosses too, which are a lot stronger. If you want to attack players, make sure you do so only when you don’t have a Peace shield on anymore. If you have one and you want to start attacking people left and right, the shield will automatically dissolve.

Tip #7: How to compete with premium players

If you want to learn how to match the premium players in terms of power, then let’s get one thing straight from the get-go. You won’t be able to do so in just one or two days. You need to set this as an end-game goal and be extremely active. You want to mine for resources in the world map at all times, rally troops and attack monster camps, all while you constantly research and upgrade your base. Furthermore, make sure you relocate your base next to your Alliance mates. That way you will have “power in numbers” and not a lot of players will dare attack you. Train troops at all times, research and upgrade your buildings, and one more thing – hire the extra builders all the time. They will reduce the time you need for upgrading everything in half, so it’s clearly a worthy investment. Save up all your Gems, and don’t waste them up quick upgrades. Take your time, and keep the Gems for something that you REALLY need. With this, we’re closing our list of Infinity Kingdom tips and tricks. Let us know if you have something to add in the comments below! Download Infinity Kingdom from Play Store | Download Infinity Kingdom from App Store



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