Why fly in a moving train does not hit the wall, read here

You must have seen the fly flying many times in the house. Sometimes you may have seen a fly flying inside the train. The question is how does the fly easily fly inside the train running at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour. When she flies from one place to another, why doesn’t her balance deteriorate, why doesn’t she hit a wall. Let’s find the answer to this funny question.

First of all understand the law of relativity of motion

Mr. Sudhir Srivastava Civil Engineer, Construction Project Manager explains that when we are sitting in a train and the train is running at a speed of 100 km / h, in that case the speed of the train is 100 km / h relative to the ground, But the speed of the train compartment is zero relative to the person sitting inside it, because that person is sitting inside the train compartment. This happens because there is no mutual displacement between the person and the train compartment over time. That is why the speed of the train is zero relative to that person, that is why you must have seen that even though the train is running at a speed of 100, but despite that we are able to run easily inside it, but only the train, when we take flight And the airplane is flying at a speed of 900 kilometers per hour, even in that situation, we walk very easily inside the plane to the toilet or air hostess. Tess is able to do her duty while walking comfortably. All this happens only because of the law of relativity of motion.

Just as the passenger can walk, the fly can fly easily

Mr. Sudhir Srivastava says that now the rule which works for a man, the same rule also works for a small fly, hence a small fly which is sitting inside a train or aircraft for some reason. That small fly also flies around freely and does not hit the walls of the train or the aircraft.

Because the fly is not in contact with the train

Mr. Jai Singh Jatav, who retired from the Public Works Department, says that the fly has no effect on being in contact with the air even when it is not in contact with the train because the air inside the train is also moving at the same speed as The train is moving at the speed. Therefore she is unable to hit the train. If she goes out of the window, she will go back fast because she will not be able to keep her flying speed equal to the speed of the train.

The third argument in simple terms is

There is also a third argument in this case. First of all, when the fly flies inside the train, its gravity changes. The ground of the train compartment is its gravity base. Another important thing is that when a fly is built on life, it can run at a speed of 80 km per hour. Because the train is running at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour, but the wind velocity inside the train’s bogie is not 100 kilometers per hour, so the fly keeps flying easily here. If you bounce a cricket ball inside the train’s bogie, it will also come back in your hand, will not hit any wall. Notice: this is the copyright protected post. do not try to copy of this article (current affairs in hindi, gk question in hindi, current affairs 2019 in hindi, current affairs 2018 in hindi, today current affairs in hindi, general knowledge in hindi, gk ke question, gktoday in hindi, gk question answer in hindi,)



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