What was the name of Lord Sri Ram's maternal grandfather, what is the story of Mata Kaushalya

Mata Kaikeyi is mentioned many times in the story of Lord Shri Ram. Everyone knows that she was the king of Ashoka, the king of Kaikeya and the daughter of Shubhalakshana. There is also a description that King Ashwapati was the god of horses, but there is no specific description about Mata Kaushalya’s parents i.e. Lord Shri Rama’s maternal grandfather. While Mata Kaushalya is considered an ‘Aditi’ avatar. Mata Kaushalya is said to be the living idol of motherhood and the idol of mercy, maya, Mamta and the image of austerity, sacrifice and sacrifice. Let’s know who were the parents of Mata Kaushalya (maternal grandfather of Lord Shri Ram).

Who were the parents of Kaushalya, mother of Lord Shri Ram

Kaushalya, the mother of Lord Shri Ram, was the princess of Kaushal Pradesh. Like Mata Kaikeyi, Mata Kaushalya’s name was also based on her region. His father’s name was Sukaushal and mother’s name was Amritprabha. Where is Kaushal Pradesh located? Historians and scholars have described it differently. Some people consider it as the present Chhattisgarh and some historians of Gorakhpur region of Uttar Pradesh. A Hindu book also mentions South India (Odisha) but one thing is common and that Kaushal Pradesh was an independent, self-reliant and self-respecting country.

How Mata Kaushalya married King Dasharatha

When Princess Kausalya was married, messengers were sent in all four directions in search of the bride. At the same time King Dasharatha of Ayodhya sent a message of friendship or war to King Sukaushal of Kush Sthal as part of the empire expansion campaign. King Sukaushal got confused that King Dasaratha of Ayodhya wanted to subdue his kingdom. Being self-respecting and loving freedom, he opted for war. There was a fierce war between the two. King Sukaushal was eventually defeated. Then King Dasharatha did not subject him to him but proposed friendship. King Sukaushal was fascinated by the sweet behavior of King Dasharatha. He proposed to change this friendship in relation and due to this, King Sukaushal married daughter Kaushalya to King Dasharatha. King Dasharatha gave the queen the pride and honor of Goddess Kaushalya, which further developed Kaushalya’s humility.

Story of Mata Kaushalya

From the very beginning, Kaushalya was religious. She constantly worshiped God, kept many fasts and donated daily to Brahmins. Mata Kaushalya never distinguished between Rama and Bharata. In the Puranas, incarnations of Kashyapa and Aditi as Dasharatha and Kaushalya were also considered. It is said in the Puranas that in ancient times, Manu and Shatarupa practiced severe austerities on reaching old age. Both stood on one leg and started chanting ‘Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya’. Pleased with his penance, Lord Vishnu appeared to him and asked him to ask for the groom. Manu hesitantly spoke his mind – “Lord! We both wish that in some birth you are born as our son. ” ‘This will be like vats!’ God blessed him and said- In Tretayuga, my seventh avatar will be in the form of Rama. “In Treta Yuga you will be born as King Dasaratha of Ayodhya and your wife Shatarupa will be your patrani Kaushalya. Then I will be born from the womb of Mother Kaushalya to kill the evil Ravana. ” Notice: this is the copyright protected post. do not try to copy of this article (current affairs in hindi, gk question in hindi, current affairs 2019 in hindi, current affairs 2018 in hindi, today current affairs in hindi, general knowledge in hindi, gk ke question, gktoday in hindi, gk question answer in hindi,)



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