What Should You Know Before Moving to An Offshore Mobile Development Team?

Outsourcing is becoming increasingly popular around the world. With each passing day, the need for employing foreign contractors is growing. Therefore, companies that wish to stay competitive on a global scale must reduce their costs. To minimize cost, use your resources wisely and implement techniques that have a higher return on all areas of the production phase.

Do you want to move to an offshore mobile development team? If yes, then it would help if you first understood what it means! It generally means contacting external teams or groups to do specialized work to assist the organization in completing projects. In a mobile team, general responsibilities usually include freelance labor, but they can also have protracted remote workers working from anywhere.

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There are two different types of developments, as explained below:

Offshore Mobile Development:

While it is easy for domestic employees to complete all of the work needed for these projects, you must hire professional, highly paid, and trained people to achieve a perfect outcome. A considerable quantity of funds is required to manage all these internal work dealings of the organization. This problem is solved by outsourcing project tasks to remote teams, firms, or individuals in foreign countries who are specialists but provide outstanding work for a lower wage.

Onshore Mobile Development:

As opposed to offshore mobile development, onshore software development involves using a local contractor or specialist.  Onshore mobile development can involve hiring internal engineers within your organization. To accomplish the tasks of a mobile development project, you don’t always need outsourcing. Onshore development enables managers to allocate work to team members for all development tasks and accomplish projects effortlessly. It also allows them to have a smooth and seamless interaction with expert teams. It helps you manage everything internally without moving across cultural and language barriers. 

Factors to Consider – When Moving to an Offshore Mobile Development Team

When deciding whether to use offshore mobile development for a project, various criteria must be addressed. The four fundamental aspects connected with determining suitability are as follows:

  • Location: This includes country, language barrier, cultural differences, time zone disparities, and so on.
  • Qualifications: The workers should have specialized abilities, experience working with talented remote teams/workers, and so forth.
  • Resources: Wage against cost, resource needs, management costs for remote teams, and so forth.
  • Teams: Assembling a well-balanced squad of offshore top, middle, and lower-level workers, as well as other assisting individuals, is critical.

Difficult Phases of using Offshore Mobile Development

There are several difficult phases of offshore projects that managers need to go through while analyzing offshore contracting teams for developing assistance. The stages are as follow:

Communication Problem

The essential part of all needs associated with handling an offshore mobile development project is teamwork. Moreover, moving to an offshore team presents various challenges, including the language barrier and cultural differences when the communicative practices are carried out. The following are the two primary managerial roles associated with the use of offshore teams:

  • Task delegation that works
  • Managing strategic activities to achieve the long-term project aim
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Time Zones

Another essential feature of offshore mobile development that should be considered is the time gap between recruiting and offshore teams. Because of the time difference issue, there will be insufficient crossover time for the groups to interact and work on crucial project aspects resulting in:

  • No time for conferences, meetings, or criticism.
  • Communication and collaboration issues on significant projects.
  • Shortage of mutual dialogue about how the project is progressing.
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Technical Skills

The more intricate a project is, the more challenging the phase is, making communication even more critical. Projects and subprojects with complex technical needs will require better clarity and accuracy in communication channels, which causes challenges with overlapping hours.


Working with an offshore mobile development team is vital to receive significant work while reducing development costs.  The trick is to use offshore teams effectively to ensure the minimum engagement or immediate actions and quickly create good quality products.



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