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In Everdale, there are a lot of options you can choose to spend your gems on. You can purchase outfits, decorations, resources, and so on. But if you are wondering, what is the best use for gems in Everdale? Then you are in the right place. Here, we will share with you the best options to spend your gems on, which will help you quickly progress in the game.

What are Gems in Everdale?

Gems are the premium in-game currency of Everdale. You can purchase gems from the in-game shop by spending real cash. Players will also receive a few gems when they open a reward chest. Everdale gems shop Also check out: Everdale – Here is how to get free 1000 gems

What can you spend your Gems on in Everdale?

In Everdale, players can use gems in place of missing materials or to buy items from the shop, such as:
  • Decorations
  • Villager Outfits
  • Potions
  • Resources
  • Franz the Fixer (An additional villager)

What is the best use for Gems in Everdale?

Decorations and Villager outfits are merely for visual pleasure. So, if you are someone who is not interested in decorating the village and instead your entire focus is on quickly progressing in the game, then you should never spend your gems on outfits and villager outfits. Buying potions is also not a good spend since they only boost the performance of the villager it is used on. Secondly, brewing potions doesn’t take as much material and time. Basically, you can brew options easily so why purchase them with gems? Lastly, we are left with two options – to purchase either resource (in resources, only nectar is useful) or to get an additional builder. There was a huge debate on Everdale’s Reddit community regarding this very topic. However, to conclude, we would say that purchasing nectar with gems is the best use for gems in Everdale. Everdale nectarAlso, read – Everdale beginner’s tips and tricks 60 Gems will get you 120 nectar, and one nectar boosts your villagers by three times, which means all your villagers (not the ones working in the valley) will be boosted by 3x speed. So, next time you have enough gems, you already know what to spend it on! It’s worth pointing out this entire post has been written from a free-to-play player perspective. However, players who purchase gems can also note the benefits and use the gems accordingly for maximum potential growth. That is it for this post. For more such Everdale Tips and tricks and guides, stay tuned with us. Want more? Check out our growing collection of Everdale tips, guides and walkthroughs!



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