Vivid Money: Design your own Visa card

The Berlin fintech Vivid gives its customers the opportunity to design their virtual and physical Visa cards themselves. So far, only the sub-accounts in the app, so-called pockets, could be customized with designs and your own images. From mid-August, you can choose one of five colors for the Vivid virtual debit card. These cards are intended to be deposited in virtual purses such as the Apple Wallet. Thanks to the color variants, “the virtual cards can now also be more easily distinguished from one another,” said Vivid in a press release. The colors purple, turquoise, green, blue and pink are available (see picture above).
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Vivid: plastic cards in your own design

Since August 9, 2021, Vivid’s physical cards can also be customized. The first variant of the new cards is made of recycled plastic (PETG); the colors purple, turquoise, green, blue and pink are also available here. In addition, a picture can be placed on the card if desired. Initially, only motifs from the Vivid gallery can be placed on the card. With a second variant of the card, which will be available from mid-August, you can also put your own pictures on the credit card. In addition, it can be provided with “your own drawings – whether with initials, a drawing or a message”, says Vivid.

That is what the individual cards cost

The first physical card in your own design is available free of charge from Vivid – but shipping costs a proud 9.90 euros. That seems pretty high for a plastic card that fits in a normal postal letter. If you change your mind about the design later and design another card, it costs 9.90 euros plus the shipping costs mentioned. Vivid also charges money for the designs of the virtual cards. In the standard tariff, the color of your choice costs 1 euro, in the prime tariff at least the first card is free.

Vivid Money: Kyrpto and Classes

Most recently, Vivid expanded its offering to include the option of investing in various cryptocurrencies – albeit indirectly. Customers only bet on the rates of the respective crypto currencies, but do not own any coins. The company now offers 50 crypto currencies – and thus, according to its own statements, “the largest crypto selection in Europe among banking apps”. In addition, there have been workshops at Vivid for a few months that are intended to convey stock market knowledge, so-called Vivid Classes. There are currently five lessons for beginners, in the future Vivid Classes will bring out a new lesson once a month.
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