Go to the T: Play squash perfectly with the app and AI

They were omnipresent at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo: trainers and supervisors who recorded practically every movement of the athletes with smartphones and tablets and immediately went into the analysis with them in order to avoid any errors in the next round or on the next day of competition and to improve their performance increase. Such methods are not only reserved for professional athletes. There are now numerous aids that even amateurs can use to optimize their performance. This includes the app “ Go to the T “. It will make you a better squash player – promises developer Martin Luckow from Trivadis – Part of Accenture from Switzerland.

Perfect game from the T.

Squash app Go to the T
The smartphone with the go-to-the-T app is placed on the wall of the squash court and gives instructions from there.
In squash it is important to position yourself in the middle of the walled playing field. From there, the player can quickly reach all areas of the court to hit the ball against the front wall again. The player then returns to the center of the court to wait for the opponent’s next stroke. This important center point is marked by lines on the parquet that look like the letter T – hence the app’s unusual name. with Go to the T the user trains reaction time, running speed and execution of the shot. This is how it works: First, install the app (available for iOS and Android; annual subscription costs 49.99 euros after a 14-day free trial period). Then place your smartphone on the wall opposite the players. Now the app divides the court into six fields, whose numbers from 1 to 6 you remember. Then the training begins: the app sends the player to the six imaginary sections via voice output and asks him to perform a certain stroke (for example fore or backhand) and then return to the T as quickly as possible. The app records the athlete’s reaction times and movements and evaluates them with the help of AI. The virtual trainer then “says” how you can improve your game.

App causes surprises

Squash app Go for the T
Go to the T divides the squash court into six virtual fields and sends the player across the field in random mode.
Go to the T was developed with the support of Dimitri Steinmann, three-time Swiss squash champion. And he sees clear advantages in AI training: “Basically, you get used to every opponent over time. But of course not an algorithm. You can speculate which corner you have to go to, but you never know exactly. ”

King football is eliminated

The technology used in Go to the T can also be used for other field games. Developer Martin Luckow can, among other things, imagine using similar apps for volleyball. One sport, however, is ruled out: football. Because the field is simply too big for a kick, and the resolution of a smartphone camera is not sufficient for this – not to mention the audibility of the voice commands.



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