Viking Barbie: are these photos too hot for Instagram?

M.with her legs apart and a lascivious gaze, she lolls by a swimming pool. Her breasts, which are obviously filled with silicone, are only held in place by tiny fabric bands in her tight swimsuit, from which her pubic hair already flashes at the lower end. In other pictures, a semi-transparent panty hides her genital piercing only if necessary. Clearly, the American Kayleigh Swanson, who took the artist name “Viking Barbie” on Instagram, wants to provoke and generate attention with her photos and videos. She walks a fine line between eroticism and pornography. She does it so skillfully that the social photo network belonging to Facebook does not pull the plug on her despite strict rules regarding bare skin.

Viking Barbie shows almost everything

Pictures of bare breasts and genitals are officially taboo on Instagram. However, the operators interpret this set of rules very generously. Even a semitransparent scrap of fabric over the intimate parts of the body is obviously enough to avoid a lock. There is hardly any other explanation for the fact that Viking Barbie is on her profile offers countless photos for sale that seem anything but suitable for children. In any case, it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to imagine the body of the self-proclaimed musician in full bloom. And their calculation works: More than seven million people follow the disgusted Nackedei with the tattooed arms on Instagram. The 34-year-old went completely blank twice for the US edition of Playboy.

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She’s in good company on Instgram. The number of women who push the limits of the legal with hot photos in the network is growing steadily. A prominent colleague who is no less colorful and whose photos also shine thanks to the freedom from textiles is the model Julia Rose. While she mainly advertises her own website with even more provocative images, Viking Barbie wants to sell her music above all else. Her songs with titles like “Shades of Gray” and “My Heart Belongs to Daddy” are on among others YouTube to hear where she has put these with sales-promoting and no less hot video clips.



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