Tier by subscription: ride the eRoller without a price per minute!


Animal e-scooters without a minute price: how it works

It is questionable whether the abuse of the new test subscription for Osnabrück will go undetected for a long time. First users report that only the day pass can be booked. If desired, it works like this: You “beam” yourself with a GPS tool into the offer city, book the monthly package for 39.99 euros or the day ticket for 10 euros and “leave” the offer city again. The active package then applies nationwide to all cities in which animals are active. Small obstacle: Apps that falsify the cell phone location are only available for Android.

The best e-scooters up to 500 euros

Is it worth renting an animal e-scooter?

The answer to the question of whether Tier’s monthly subscription is worthwhile can be answered in the traditional way with “It depends”. As for the scooters, it looks like this: For a month in which you are sure to ride a lot, for example because you are planning a vacation in a city, it may be worth it. However, the argument “that is cheaper than a monthly pass” is only valid up to a period of around ten months, because with 400 euros you can buy your own scooter, which is not subject to any restrictions. COMPUTER BILD has recently tested suitable scooters. A rental scooter, such as the Segway Ninebot MAX G30D from Ottonow (here on the Ottonow website) – This costs 43.77 euros per month even without lazy tricks and is not subject to any restrictions. An alternative to this is Grover, here you can get the scooter from around 25 euros a month.
With the right e-scooters in Berlin, the subscription price of 40 euros is a real deal. A “50s” scooter from the Unu brand costs around 70 euros per month in private leasing (here on the Unumotors website) – so you save real money and always get a full battery by simply changing the vehicles. After all, you would have to charge privately leased scooters yourself. But only works in Berlin.



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