Threema: Everything about secure messengers from Switzerland


What is threema?

What functions does Threema offer?

The service also offers various other functions. You can send voice messages just as quickly and easily as texts. Threema enables sending to multiple recipients in group chats or on distribution lists. Group chats with up to 100 people are possible. The manufacturer promises that group management will only take place on the users’ devices. Threema does not know the composition. In addition, the messenger enables files of any format to be sent as well as voice and video calls. A special feature is the ability to create surveys in the chats.

Is Threema only available for smartphones?

Download Threema where does it work?

You can download the current Threema version from the Google Play Store, Apple’s App Store or directly from the manufacturer in the Threema Shop. Alternatively, you can use the following downloads quickly and conveniently from COMPUTER BILD:

Which Threema version is current?

How to install Threema updates?

Both Android and iOS offer the option of downloading updates automatically. On iOS, activate the automatic updates in the settings under iTunes & App Store in the menu item Updates. Alternatively, you can manually download updates from the App Store (“Updates” tab).

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How much does Threema cost?

Why does Threema cost money?

How safe is Threema?

How anonymous is Threema?

Threema is a messenger for people who attach particular importance to security and data protection. Compared to WhatsApp, Threema can be used without specifying private data. The service does not require a phone number or email address from the user. Identification takes place via a randomly generated, anonymous Threema ID. In addition, Threema does not collect any user data. The situation is different with WhatsApp, the service collects all data entered by the user, such as telephone number, display name, status and profile picture. Another problem is the metadata. WhatsApp stores who communicates with whom, when and where messages are sent. This makes it easy to create movement profiles, find out where you live and research your social environment, because whoever exchanges dozens of messages every day is probably close.

How long has Threema been around?

Which is better: Threema or WhatsApp?

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How can I use Threema on the PC?

Setting up Threema on the computer is simple. through the website you can access Threema Web with a supported browser. In your Threema app on your smartphone, select Threema Web and turn on the scanner. In the Android version, tap on the “+” sign, in the iOS app click on the camera symbol at the top right. Now scan the QR code displayed in Threema Web with your smartphone.

How can I see who is online at Threema?

What do the three points at Threema mean?

What is pinning at Threema?

The “pinning” function visually highlights a chat in Threema, for example if there are still open questions. Pinned chats appear at the top of the chat overview and are marked with a yellow bar. The Android version also shows a pin symbol. To pinn or unpin a chat, swipe from left to right over the relevant conversation in the overview. In Threema Web, open the chat and click on the pin symbol in the top right corner.



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