This Woman Celebrated Her Divorce With a Bold Photoshoot & Burned Wedding Dress –

When saying your wedding vows before family and friends, the prospect of divorce is perhaps the furthest thing from your mind. Disney films taught us long ago how marriage is a happy ending, neatly wrapping up a past life of hardship, forced cleaning and erm, singing mice. However, for many people, a marriage is merely one chapter in their lives, with many further adventures to come once the divorce papers are signed. One woman from Illinois decided to begin divorcee life with a bang, freeing herself from the past with a cathartically fiery photoshoot burning her wedding dress in an attempt to start her new lease on life in a blaze of glory. A woman named Katlynn McKee is making headlines after she was featured in an epic photoshoot that involves her drinking a bottle of wine and setting her wedding dress worth $1500 on fire. The woman had just gotten a divorce and used the photoshoot as a way to celebrate.
Katlynn and her ex-husband had been together for ten years and married for four before they decided to end things. Katlynn blames growing apart as the reason for their divorce, despite the fact that they also share a six-year-old daughter. “My relationship wasn’t a good one, so it was a relief to finally be free. We’d been together since I was 16, and married for four years. We grew apart,” said Katlynn.
Although Katlynn and her ex-husband are divorcing, they are still amicable with each other, and Katlynn is now dating someone else. However, she wanted to celebrate her new lease on life and the final chapter of her previous relationship by having a photoshoot. “I did a bit of research but all the ideas were my own and it was exactly the way I wanted to do it. It was like my rebellion against the marriage, my way of saying I’m free. We went out to this little area with mud and water and I had a bottle of wine and a gas canister in a basket,” said Katlynn.
Yup. Tradition be damned, Katlynn’s original wedding photographer helped her carry out a photoshoot to celebrate splitting from her husband, with her bouquet replaced with a bottle of wine and a can of petrol.
Once they got set up, Katlynn went into the muddy water and began to dirty the dress, which cost about $1,500, before cutting it up with a pair of scissors. The finale came when she took the canister of gas and poured it all over her dress, before setting it on fire.
Good luck to this fiery lady as she moves forward with her life with a good sense of humour and a penchant for drama. She may well be my new hero.



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