18 Facts About MTV Roadies Which You are least Interested To Read Them –

This MTV Roadies show needs no introduction as it is very much popular among youth. Young guns of India gets excited to give audition every year and make themselves famous through this platform. It has perfect blend of daring stunts, fights, heartbeat skipping glamour, politics and last but not the least sensational Judges. Recently Judges of this show named Neha Dhupia & Nikhil Chinapa sparked controversies by abusing the contestant. Social media roasted them like anything, still their apologies are buried under their Ego. 1- Roadies was somewhat inspired by the 1995 US based reality TV show, Road Rules.
2- Raghu literally screamed at Indian Idol judges when he was rejected. He auditioned for Indian Idol season 1, and sang the song, “Aaj Jane Ki Zid Na Karo”.
3- But years later he sang the song “Manmaani” which was the title song of Roadies 9. He even got nominated for the song in GIMA award (2012).
4- Just like Ayushmann Khurrana donated sperm in the movie Vicky Donor, he donated sperm IRL as a part of a challenge during season 2.
5- Do you know Rannvijay participated in Roadies with the sole intention of winning a bike. If he had not been successful, he would’ve joined army.
6- Contestants are allegedly made to sign a contract. The contract clearly states that they had to pay ₹10 lakhs as a penalty if they reveal any backstage secrets about the show.
7- Earlier Raghu was married to Sugandha Garg a.k.a Sahleen of Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na.
8- Did you know two winners from Roadies have also won two separate seasons of Bigg Boss? Ashutosh (winner of Roadies 5) won Bigg Boss 2, and Prince Narula (winner of Roadies X2) won Bigg Boss 9.
9- Some ABVP activists blackened the faces of Raghu, Rajiv, and Rannvijay, protesting their use of offensive words. This happened in 2011 during a Roadies promotion rally in Pune.
10- Shubhi Mehta of Roadies 3 fame played the role of Gunjan Lakhani in the movie Chak De India!.
11- Sahil Anand who was a contestant on Roadies 4, has also participated in Bigg Boss 10 and also played the role of Jeet Khurana in the movie ‘Student Of The Year.’
12- Bobby Chopra of Roadies 6 owns a successful makeup agency named Bob Chop Makeovers.
13- Shaleen Malhotra is the only contestant of Roadies who had a successful TV career post Roadies. He acted in a series of TV shows including Arjun, Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya, Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai and many more.
14- After season 11, Raghu and Rajiv left Roadies as to focus on their production company, Monozygotic.
15- During the 2014 general elections, Raghu Ram actively campaigned for Aam Aadmi Party.
16- The winner of Roadies 6, Nauman Sait, became the face of his local cricket camp in Bengaluru. Later his reputation faded after an MMS of him and another Roadies contestant having sex got leaked.
17- Ten male contestants of Roadies later participated in Splitsvilla too.
18- Palak Johal, winner of season 10, revealed that the entire show is scripted. Since then she faded after doing some music videos. No one knows about her where about.



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