The Urban XC1: stylish e-scooter with pneumatic tires in the test

The Urban puts together a coherent overall package with the XC1 for a price of around 500 euros with pneumatic tires, good workmanship and a powerful engine. We tested the e-scooter. Thanks to their compact dimensions and uncomplicated handling, e-scooters are ideal for going to the supermarket, but also for commuters. But there are a few things to consider when buying. So there is a lack of workmanship, especially in the lower price segment. Pneumatic tires are also important for a comfortable ride. Last but not least, the engine should be powerful so that drivers can quickly get to their 20 kilometers per hour and have no problems on climbs. The Urban XC1 scores in all of these disciplines. The test report shows what else it can do and where its weaknesses lie. If you want to know which e-scooter is the best, you should take a look at our list of the best e-scooters. Our large comparison test of street-legal e-scooters offers a detailed insight into all functions. The Urban XC1 is one of the most visually appealing e-scooters that we have tested so far. Its step surface is beautifully contoured by the manufacturer’s lettering. It is predominantly black with a long yellow stripe on its lower side, lettering with yellow highlights on the front, solid-looking handlebar and a yellow eyelet on the rear mudguard. This eye-catching color combination looks amazing. The workmanship is also pleasing. Here you can tell that the company has a lot of experience in the production of e-scooters. Everything looks like it is from one piece and as if the XC1 would not be damaged prematurely. However, the folding mechanism is not tight enough. The handlebars have some play, so it wobbles slightly forwards and backwards when driving.
The Urban XC1
The handle for the mechanical disc brake is on the right side of the handlebar. On the left under the simple bell there is a lever for the electric motor brake on the front wheel. The equivalent of this is the somewhat tight throttle grip on the right. The rubberized handles are pleasantly large and feel high quality. The LED display sits in the middle and is very nicely integrated, which can be difficult to read in direct sunlight. In addition to the battery level, it shows the current speed in four bars with one decimal place. Unusual: The display never goes over 20 kilometers per hour, although the engine still pulls a bit above that. However, measured using the GPS app, we reached a maximum of 22 kilometers per hour, which is within the permitted tolerance. Basically, we think it’s good when e-scooters take advantage of this tolerance. It is a pity that there is no way to see the number of kilometers or the number of kilometers driven since it was last switched on. In the middle of the handlebars, a beautifully incorporated light shines forward. It can be switched on and off together with the rear light using the single button on The Urban XC1. The front light is quite bright and does not shine too high. It doesn’t dazzle passers-by or drivers. However, you cannot adjust your beam angle downwards. For our taste, there is a little too little light directly in front of the driver, so that when driving at night you cannot always see what is directly in front of you on the road. The mudguards reliably protect the driver from splash water, which shouldn’t harm The Urban XC1 thanks to an IPX4 certification.
The lever can also be easily thrown with your foot.
The heart of the folding function is the joint with its mechanism, which sits between the handlebar and the footboard. To fold up, you first release a safety device on the side, then after pulling down a lever, the handlebar folds onto the step surface. Folding down also works with your foot and is generally more comfortable than with most other e-scooters. The dimensions of The Urban XC1 are reduced in height, width and length from 109 × 44 × 112 centimeters to 112 × 44 × 42 centimeters. This means that it also fits into smaller trunk spaces. The handlebars cannot be put on for transport as with The Urban #HMBRG (test report). Once folded, a hook on the upper handlebar engages with the eyelet on the rear fender. The e-scooter, which is comparatively light at 14.5 kilograms, can be carried up or down a few steps. According to the data sheet, the permissible total weight is 135 kilograms, so the driver may weigh a maximum of 120 kilograms. This means that the XC1 carries more load than many competing e-scooters.
This is the only button on The Urban XC1. Directly below is the input for the power supply.
The Urban XC1 switches on via the small red button at the top of the handlebar. This is also used to switch from the first stage, in which the motor only supports up to 10 kilometers per hour, to the second, which then pushes up to 20 kilometers per hour. Since most drivers will mainly drive the “normal” 20 kilometers per hour mode anyway, this step could have been omitted by the XC1 starting in level two by default. Once you step on the scooter at over three kilometers per hour, the quiet motor reacts continuously to the pressure on the throttle grip and pushes properly. Thanks to its powerful 300 watt motor, the XC1 is one of the most powerful e-scooters that we have tested so far. It should also accelerate heavier drivers to the maximum speed of 20 kilometers per hour without any problems and relatively quickly. In general, tall riders should feel comfortable on the electric scooter thanks to the high, but fixed handlebar and the step surface, which is 49 centimeters long and 17 centimeters wide. It has one of the longest and widest treads of all the e-scooters we tested (topic page). The actual ride on The Urban XC1 feels very good, despite the slight play of the handlebars mentioned above. At all times you feel in control of the situation. The 8.5-inch pneumatic tires contribute a large part to the smooth driving experience. They swallow up a large part of the smaller bumps on the road and shorter journeys over cobblestone or dirt roads are also possible without shaking the driver like a James Bond Martini. A suspension is not necessary.
The front wheel only offers an engine brake. That didn’t bother us.
Almost unusual for the price range of over 500 euros: the XC1 only has a single mechanical disc brake, an engine brake engages at the front. However, that hardly bothered us and has little influence on the actual braking behavior. A disc brake on the front wheel, such as the Elmoto Kick running with Einhell batteries (test report), even has the disadvantage that it can force the driver over the handlebars when braking too hard at higher speeds. Overall, the XC1 brakes well. At full speed we need a good two meters with an emergency stop. When braking in general, it is best to use the rear disc brake most of the time. The motor brake only knows the states on and off. At a speed of over 18 kilometers per hour, you brake gently, then strongly. According to the manufacturer, the battery with a total capacity of 280 ampere hours should bring drivers up to 25 kilometers. This information is a maximum value and depends, among other things, on the incline, payload, soil condition and driving style. Without being able to determine it precisely due to the missing kilometer indication on the display, with a payload of around 85 kilograms we got about 20 kilometers on mostly straight and paved roads and at a speed of up to 20 kilometers per hour. This is a rather average value, but it is okay if you consider the comparatively low capacity of the battery, which in turn is due to the price. The Urban XC1 offers an all-round coherent overall package for its comparatively low price. We were particularly impressed by the powerful 300 watt motor, the stylish exterior, the high quality workmanship and the comfortable folding mechanism. However, the handlebars have some play and the battery is a little too small. We find it less bad that The Urban has no disc brake at the front, only an engine brake. The Urban XC1 is a really good e-scooter for everyone who is looking for quality and doesn’t have to travel too long. Alternatively, we recommend the Iconbit IK-1969K, which is much cheaper at around 350 euros (review). However, this drives a bit rougher because of its solid rubber tires. Those who can invest more should take a closer look at The Urban #HMBRG (test report). We choose the best e-scooters in our best e-scooter list. Our large comparison test of street-legal e-scooters offers a detailed insight into all functions. Permalink: Tags



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