The main advantages of a CRM system for the roofing sector

The roofing business is one of the most profitable types.  Due to the unfavorable weather changes taking place in today’s world, more and more roofs have to be repaired, as well as more and more new houses have to be built.  That is why, today the sale of roofing is always in demand and will always bring income.

 However, you need to keep up with the times and gradually automate your business with the help of special services such as roofing crm software.  This is necessary so that there is progress and development does not stand still.

 The main advantage of the system is the accounting of all information about the interaction of customers with the company’s services.  For each client, a personal card is created in CRM, which records:

 * All known contacts: phone numbers, shipping and email addresses.

 * Dialogue records: emails, phone conversations, messages from chats and instant messengers.

 * Complete history of purchases and payments, as well as a list of pending items or preferences.

 * Client files and documents, as well as other information.

 The system downloads all customer data from e-mail, company website, instant messengers or telephony and saves them in chronological order in a CRM card.  A single database greatly simplifies the work of the sales department, as well as reduces the number of managerial errors or missed deals.  The manager of the company can view the client’s data at any time and correct his actions.

 Among the advantages of CRM, it is also worth noting the ability to receive complex reports online.  The product toolkit allows you to:

 * Track the work of each employee or department of the company as a whole.

 * Analyze and correct the stages of work.

 * Distribute workload, plan vacations and work schedules for employees.

 With the help of CRM, the head of the company can monitor the progress of work processes or the current actions of employees of the enterprise.  Thanks to the end-to-end analytics module, it is possible to track the customer’s path from the stage of entering the site to completion (that is, ordering roofing services), and then adjust the process or remove ineffective advertising channels.  This level of control has a positive effect on employee performance and increases the quality of customer service.

 Another advantage of CRM is the ability to optimize and automate the company’s internal processes.  The system will notify company managers about the need to make an important call or remind about the end of the active task – all actions are recorded in the CRM database, as well as the employees’ calendar.

 In addition, the toolkit of the program allows you to automate internal processes:

 * Simplify the company’s workflow – the use of templates and scripts allows you to simplify accounting, automatically calculate the cost of delivery of the order, etc. Thanks to CRM, documents are generated according to a ready-made template and are automatically filled with customer data as the transaction progresses.

 * Translate deals by stages of the sales funnel – the system generates new tasks for managers when moving to a new stage, automatically closes completed tasks, is responsible for reminders and sending notifications.

 * Launch mailing lists for ready-made scenarios and stimulate additional sales of roofing services.  For example, inform about some promotions or discounts during the execution of services.

 This reduces the burden on managers and eliminates the occurrence of errors due to workload or carelessness of employees.  Automation of routine processes allows employees to focus on current transactions and increase work efficiency.

 Such software is very convenient and effective, and also allows you to fully automate your business processes.  However, keep in mind that finding a good crm system is not easy.  So it’s best to go to trusted places like



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