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Earning abroad attracts many. Everyone leaves, even unskilled workers can easily find vacancies with higher earnings than in their country. Good working conditions, the ability to make good money quickly and the crisis in their country – all this is forcing people to look for work abroad more and more. Let’s understand in which country and to whom it will be easier or more profitable to go to work.

1. Great Britain.

When we say Britain, we mean England. Specialists in the field of IT technologies are sent here. To move, of course, requires knowledge of English. Without qualifications, finding a job will be much harder. It makes no sense to look for a job in the UK illegally. Deportation will be harsh and long. Young professionals and graduates come here to build a career.

What areas are in demand?

–          IT. All professions related to this field have a chance to get a job in Britain.

–          Lawyers. There is also a very isolated caste of workers. Knowledge of the language is required. There is a chance to gain a foothold from the bottom.

–          Waiters and other professions are related to service.

–          Other unskilled workers. Handymen and other professions of a wide profile.

2. Poland.

This country is very loyal to the reception of those wishing to earn. The country’s leadership regularly changes the legislation to increase wages – that is, in favor of migrant workers, foreign nationals. So recently, the minimum rate for one hour of work was raised, which is 3 euros.

3. Italy.

The simplest vacancies that do not require special skills are cleaning, babysitting or caretaker work.

You can earn up to 12 euros per hour on street cleaning here. If you take care of the sick and the elderly, you can earn up to a thousand euros a month. Housekeeping costs 800 euros, babysitting costs 1,200 euros and a chef’s assistant 1,500 euros. Some vacancies offer free accommodation (babysitter, caregiver).

4. Thailand.

For those who are afraid of the crisis in Europe, it is better to go to work in Asia.

Thailand is the easiest place to find a job in tourism. Wanted guides, animators, nannies to work with Russian-speaking tourists. There are always vacancies for transfer and sightseeing guides. The work schedule is flexible. The average salary is 1.5 thousand dollars.

Sometimes the employer provides hotel accommodation in a room for several people. Finding housing on your own in Thailand is not difficult. The average cost of a room per month is about one hundred dollars.

5. Alaska.

Foreigners are offered high-paying but physically hard work in Alaska. The level of salaries can reach 7.5 thousand dollars. All overtime is paid from above. Accommodation in Alaska is rarely provided by the employer, so you should deduct the cost of housing and food. You can earn up to three thousand dollars a month in fishing.

6. Scandinavian countries.

Many foreigners are needed for the seasonal collection of berries – cranberries, blueberries and cloudberries. You can earn up to 1.5 thousand euros per month in this area. Another area of ​​work is work at shipyards to repair and assemble ships. Such vacancies are open in Finland, the Netherlands and Norway. Graduates and students of agricultural universities can go to Denmark to work on livestock farms. Salaries in this area are up to two thousand dollars. Sometimes the employer provides housing and food.

7. The Czech Republic.

Another country that is happy, and recently doubly happy, to accept workers from foreign countries to its enterprises.

Going to earn money in the Czech Republic, you can expect about the following amounts. At the factory, you will receive about 20,000 Czech crowns. This is in the range of 900 – 800 US dollars. On the construction site, you will earn from 50 € per day or 100 150 crowns per hour.

There are small disadvantages of earning in the Czech Republic. Obtaining a visa to the Czech Republic is not easy. The difficulty lies in the lengthy processing and consideration of documents at the consulate. Therefore, more often people refuse to apply for such a visa and choose an easier way.

Job search abroad will be easier for you on our website Layboard. Here you can find job vacancies in all above mentioned countries effortlessly.



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