Tesla car detects ghost while driving through a cemetery; spooky video goes viral


Can you imagine a car can spot a ghost? Obviously not, but Tesla cars have the power to detect a spirit.

A bizarre story has surfaced on the Internet which claimed that the Tesla car has detected a ghost while driving through a cemetery.

The video of the incident also surfaced on the Internet. In the clip, a group of friends can be seen driving through a graveyard during nighttime. After a while, they all were started screaming after their car detected a ghost.

The clip showed the car was driving through a dark road when the Tesla car alerted that a person is standing by the roadside.

There is a function in the Tesla car that the driver gets alerted when someone is near the vehicle to avoid it.

The haunted video was shared on a YouTube channel named GettinSpooky. “Driving a Tesla through a cemetery,” the video caption reads.

Watch the viral video here:

When people sitting inside the car saw outside, they couldn’t see anyone, there was just a tombstone. Due to this, they all started screaming in horror.

One of them is heard saying, “I told you!” Another said, “Fine, I believe you!” A third person screamed while a fourth person said, “Your Tesla sees dead people!”

Since the video is being shared on social media, it has gone crazy viral and leaving everyone horrified.

One of the users said, “Anyone who owns Teslas knows it is just detecting the taller tombstones. It does this all the time with trash cans and human-sized objects.”




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