Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd (2nd generation) in the test

Manufacturer Beyerdynamic is known for its high-quality headphones, but they are also easy to buy. The second generation of the Blue Byrd is comparatively cheap with a recommended price of 129 euros. Nevertheless, the neckband headphones want to deliver the usual good sound. To do this, he uses a technical aid that adapts the sound to the hearing of the user. What this is all about and whether the Blue Byrd play their way to the top, says the test.

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Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd (2nd generation) in the test: wearing comfort
The Blue Byrd sit firmly in the ear canal without pressing.
The Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd has no external peculiarities. The small black plugs are inconspicuous as usual from the audio specialist. They sit a little deep, but also quite comfortable in the ear. The manufacturer supplies five different ear tips, so there is something for almost every eavesdropper size. Music fans may not notice the Blue Byrd in their ears, but on the back of their necks. The neck strap is made of rubber, but it ends in two metal end pieces. On the one hand, they look very high quality, but they are also a bit heavy. The total weight of the headphones is 31 grams, which puts them in the midfield of the neckband. Between the right earphone and the metal piece there is a small control element with all the important buttons and the microphone. The Blue Byrd are easy to control and the buttons hang easily accessible at about chin height. In addition to the USB-C charging cable, the manufacturer also includes a small carrying case. The case looks just as high-quality as the in-ears and offers enough space. With a full battery charge, the Blue Byrd can play music for twelve hours and 15 minutes. This puts them on a similarly good level as the Sony WI-1000XM2 (twelve hours and six minutes). Completely wireless true wireless models usually play for much less time on a single charge. Most are currently running around six hours, only a few crack the ten-hour mark.
Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd (2nd generation) in the test: App
The app shows the results of the hearing analysis in a clear graph.
In order to stand out from the crowd, the Beyerdynamic headphones offer a special function that can be accessed using the free smartphone app “MIY” (for Android and iOS) can be activated. A hearing analysis can be started in the application: The Blue Byrd play noise and ascending beeps. As long as users hear the high tones, they should confirm this via the touchscreen of the cell phone. After this listening test, the app evaluates the data collected and adjusts the sound accordingly. Every music fan perceives frequencies differently loud and so Beyerdynamic tries to deliver the best possible sound for each individual ear.
Even without personal sound optimization, listening to music with the Blue Byrd is really fun. This is due, among other things, to the aptX and AAC codec. They avoid the typical Bluetooth data compression – provided the player also has one of the codecs. The Blue Byrd reproduce music very cleanly and in great detail. Voices sound uncolored and clear. One can complain a little about the bass. They are always precise, but they tend to hold back and do not go particularly deep. Bass-heavy genres like hip-hop are a little neglected. For 130 euros, Beyerdynamic delivers the best headphones with neckband currently on the market. It has a decent battery life and is very comfortable to carry. The control via the small control element is easy and the manufacturer even includes a small carrying case. The new version of the Blue Byrd is also convincing in terms of sound and delivers a pleasant and very clean sound. In cooperation with the manufacturer app, they also provide a personal sound adjustment. Test grade: good, 1.9.



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