Telekom Speed ​​Home WLAN: New Mesh Repeater with Wifi 6

A few years ago, Deutsche Telekom launched the Speed ​​Home WiFi repeater. They master so-called mesh functions and always automatically supply devices in the network with data via the fastest WiFi connection. However, this only works with two or more Telekom mesh devices, which also include current Speedport routers with integrated mesh technology such as the Speedport Smart 4. The successors to Speed ​​Home WiFi are now appearing – under the name Speed ​​Home WLAN. How do they differ from the older models?

The best WiFi repeaters

FRITZ! WLAN Repeater 3000
FRITZ! Repeater 2400
FRITZ! Repeater 1200
Nighthawk X6S WLAN Repeater (EX8000)
Speed ​​Home Wifi
FRITZ! Repeater 600
Complete list: the best WiFi repeaters

Telekom Speed ​​Home WLAN: More speed

The number of antennas in the Telekom Speed ​​Home WLAN remains the same, but thanks to the new WLAN standard Wifi 6 (WLAN-ax) and a higher channel bandwidth (160 megahertz), the speed is much higher: theoretically up to 4,800 megabits per second. The current WPA3 encryption standard also ensures more security for WLAN connections. On the back of each repeater there are two LAN ports with gigabit speed. The setup is possible both by pressing a button and via the app and, according to Telekom, should be completed even faster than with its predecessors. Together with other mesh-enabled telecom devices, the network always connects end devices such as smartphones and notebooks to the strongest signal access point (Access Point Steering) on ​​the fastest WLAN frequency (Band Steering). The following telecom devices can handle mesh functions:
  • Telekom Speedport Smart 3
  • Telekom Speedport Smart 4
  • Telekom Speedport Pro
  • Telekom Speedport Pro Plus
  • Telekom Speed ​​Home WiFi
  • Telekom Speed ​​Home WLAN
  • Telekom MagentaTV Box

Telekom Speed ​​Home WLAN: price and release

Telekom Speed ​​Home WLAN will be available from June 1, 2021. The provider can buy the devices for 79.99 euros and rent them for 3.95 euros / month. The devices replace Speed ​​Home WiFi in Telekom’s WiFi packages.



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