FritzBox: Saving electricity – this is how you reduce electricity consumption

AVM’s top router models do well in the COMPUTER BILD tests not only because of their high performance and the multitude of functions, but also because of their relatively moderate power consumption. The FritzBox 7590 draws just 8.8 watts, a savings model like the FritzBox 7530 is even satisfied with 4.5 watts. If you still want to reduce power consumption, you can be pleased that AVM has integrated some options that reduce the wattage. In the following you will find out where you can find the respective settings in the router menu.

The best wireless routers

FRITZ! Box 7590
FRITZ! Box 7580
FRITZ! Box 6591 Cable
FRITZ! Box 6890 LTE
Complete list: the best WiFi routers

Show FritzBox power consumption

FritzBox power consumption
In the menu you can find out how busy the FritzBox is.
Before you change the settings of your FritzBox, it cannot hurt if you first get an overview of the router’s power consumption. Call up the menu by pressing in the address line of a browser and log in with the device password (the preset password is located on the underside of the router). Click on the three bars at the top right and activate the extended view. Select in the menu on the left system and Energy monitor. Here you can find out how busy the FritzBox is overall and how busy the processor, WLAN and USB are, for example.

WLAN off – also by time switch

FritzBox: Turn off WLAN
The FritzBox WLAN can also be switched off via the menu.
If the WLAN of the FritzBox is switched off, the function does not consume any electricity – logically. The easiest way to do this manually is to press a button on the router. In the menu, switch off the WLAN by clicking under WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS and Radio network the tick at 2.4 GHz frequency band active and 5 GHz frequency band active remove. Click to confirm Take. With a connected phone, switch the WLAN off with the key combination # 96 * 0 * or on with # 96 * 1 *. The “MyFritzApp” allows switching outside of the home network. The FritzBox also has a timer – so it automatically switches off the WLAN at specified times. Practical if you can do without the radio connection at night, for example. You can do this in the menu under WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS and Timer. Activate the option Use time switch for the WLAN radio network, set sleep times for the WiFi, and finally click Apply.

FritzBox power consumption: DECT and LAN

FritzBox: reduce LAN speed
The speed of the LAN connections can be reduced in a targeted manner.
The integrated DECT base of the FritzBox connects up to six cordless telephones and smart home devices. If you do not use the corresponding products, the base can also be deactivated to save electricity. That works under in the menu Telephony and DECT. Uncheck the box here DECT base station active and then click on Take.
The speed of the LAN connections can also be adjusted. Newer FritzBoxes usually manage 1,000 megabits per second (Mbps) via LAN. If, for example, a device is connected to the FritzBox via a network cable that only manages or needs 100 Mbps, nothing speaks against reducing the speed of the connection. To do this, select in the menu Home network, network and the rider Network settings. Here LAN connections can be switched from “Power Mode” (1,000 Mbps) to “Green Mode” (100 Mbps). Confirm by clicking on Take.

Energy saving mode for USB hard drives

FritzBox: USB power saving mode
You can use the power-saving mode to reduce the performance of the USB ports.
Many FritzBoxes allow printers and storage media to be connected to the router via USB. If you want to send a connected USB hard drive to energy-saving mode, you can find it in the menu under Home network, USB / memory and the rider USB settings the possibility to switch USB connections from “Power Mode” (USB 3.0) to “Green Mode” (USB 2.0). Under “Energy saving function for USB hard disks” you can alternatively specify whether the FritzBox should automatically switch the hard disk to energy saving mode after a certain period of time when it is inactive. Finally confirm your changes with Take.

Bad idea: change WiFi transmission power

FritzBox: Maximum transmission power
Steer clear of the maximum transmission power – it should be 100 percent.
In the FritzBox menu can be found under WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS, Radio channel and More settings reduce the “maximum transmission power” of the WLAN. Better to leave the option alone and keep the setting 100% because devices that are far away receive a poorer WiFi signal with a lower transmission power. The FritzBox then has to send longer until the corresponding devices have received data – in the worst case, this even increases power consumption.



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