Stiftung Warentest tests extractor hoods: test winner at Otto


Order the winner Miele PUR 98 W from the range hood test by Stiftung Warentest for around 730 euros from Otto.

W.he likes to cook, either opens the window or switches on the extractor hood even more efficiently. This is the only way to quickly dissipate the smell of food that arises when roasting or stewing. For the test issue 03/2021, Stiftung Warentest sent 18 extractor hoods, including chimney hoods, angled hoods and built-under hoods from manufacturers such as Miele, Berbel and Ikea to the test. Result: Only five expensive models eliminated grease and odors well overall. In the chimney hood area, the Miele PUR 98 W climbed up to the top with a grade of 2.2 (good).

Stiftung Warentest: Miele cooker hood wins

With an average price of 885 euros, the model is not cheap compared to the test competition. Because the others are priced between 250 and 550 euros. For this, however, the range hoods from Miele received mostly good to very good intermediate grades. For example, when it comes to grease and odor removal, safety and processing, and handling, it is clearly ahead. Only when it comes to energy consumption is it only rated as satisfactory.
Would you like to access it right away? Otto currently has the Miele PUR 98 W on offer for 699 plus EUR 29.95 shipping. New customers receive a discount of 15 euros on their first order and with a matching one Otto voucher you also save. According to the price comparison portal idealo, the Otto deal is around 100 euros more expensive than the Internet competition, but it can be delivered within a few days (all prices and information – as of March 1, 2021).

Order Stiftung-Warentest-Sieger now from Amazon

  • 3 fan speeds
  • Ten-layer stainless steel metal grease filter
  • Price at Otto: 699 euros

Miele PUR 98 W: The functions

The Miele PUR 98 W extractor hood in a stylish stainless steel casing has three fan speeds that generate an air flow of 265 cubic meters per hour at the lowest and 650 cubic meters per hour at the highest. At 47 to 67 decibels, it is relatively quiet. A ten-layer stainless steel metal grease filter ensures efficient cleaning. The model can be used in both exhaust and recirculation mode. Simple operation is possible at any time using the electronic pushbuttons on the front. The dimensions of the 25-kilogram model are stated as 68.5×89.8×50 centimeters. The Miele PUR 98 W belongs to energy efficiency class A and thus consumes 50 kilowatt hours per year.



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