Star Wars Battlefront 2 gets bizarre mod from Among Us

It is no secret that the appearance of the characters in Among Us and Fall Guys is very similar. It is also well known that the two games exploded while most people were quarantined in recent months. Only among them, have you ever stopped to ask yourself which is the best? Instead of having a big discussion about it, YouTuber ToastedShoes asked two friends, known as TigerVenom22 and Ortuga, for help in making a bizarre mod in Star Wars Battlefront II. In this mod, we have the heroes with models of the characters from Fall Guys and the villains with models of characters from Among Us. In this way, they can battle to the death with lightsabers and strangely long legs. YouTuber shows a little of each character in action in the mod in the video that you can check out above. As you can imagine, the result is sensational and very fun. Fortunately, he didn’t stop us from trying this mod, since the content was posted on the famous Nexus Mods website. Just remember that this modification can only be used in the PC version of the game. Comment below if you tried the mod or found your own!



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