Medion P66024: Audio system from Aldi in the test

Medion P66024 (MD 44100) in the test © COMPUTER BILD

Medion P66024 in the test: The all-in-one audio system can do more than one expects behind the pretty facade.

VYears ago, devices like the Medion P66024 were given the beautiful designation table radio. At 44 centimeters wide, 15 centimeters high and 25 centimeters deep, the Medion is quite a bummer, thick wooden walls and a good 5 kilograms of weight speak for a solid construction. The metal front with the finely perforated speaker openings is also impressive, the flush buttons and the volume control are also made of metal. In the middle there is a large color display that nicely spreads the musical treasures. The CD drawer purrs out immediately above.

Medion P66024 in the test: Covers all music sources

Full sound through built-in subwoofer

The sound quality of the Medion P66024 (MD 44100) benefits from the comparatively large and solid case. A 10 centimeter diameter woofer embedded in the floor provides a surprisingly rich sound foundation. Behind the metal front, two almost 7 centimeters loudspeakers provide a fresh and well-balanced sound. The treble and bass can be adjusted to taste, and the “Pop” preset also proved to be useful in the test.

Test result and price Medion P66024

Much more is really not possible, with the Medion P66024 (MD44100) pretty much all music sources can be played – except for records and cassettes. The sound quality is very decent and the chic workmanship is pleasing. Aldi Nord has the all-in-one audio system on offer from December 14, 2020 at a price of 149 euros.



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