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Money is one of the most valuable assets in helping you successfully managing your club. Having a strong financial situation will certainly help you out in your career. Money can not only buy you players, but it can also upgrade facilities and attract a larger audience. With the new features added to Soccer Manager 2021, there are now a wide variety of ways in which you can boost your income. This article will help you with the best ways to boost your budget in as many ways possible in SM21.

How to Boost your income in Soccer Manager 2021?

1. Upgrade your Club zone

Soccer Manager 2021 boost income
The club zone is essentially the financial center of your club. You should focus on upgrading this often since it can dramatically boost your budget in the long-term. This is very easy to set-up, all you need to do is click the Upgrade button and your facilities will all be upgraded.

2. Sign a Sponsorship deal

A sponsorship deal is a deal in which you advertise a business/company and you get paid to do so. In SM21, you are given 8 options to choose from, each offering a different duration, installments type, and total payment. Whichever sponsorship you choose, you will gain a benefit, make sure you always have one of these active.

3. Upgrade your stadium

Soccer Manager 2021 boost income
Although this is quite costly at first, upgrading your stadium can drastically boost your seasonal income. More space leads to more people and this means more revenue from match tickets. The level of income is quite high so the money you make from this is definitely worth it.

4. Upgrade your Managers

Soccer Manager 2021 boost income
All the upgrades in the Suit Manager section will help boost your finance in some way. Some upgrades can even save you money, such as the reduced transfer fees. Upgrade these constantly to see major uprisings.

5. Train up Youth academy prospects

Signing youth players is cheap and can be very profitable for the future. The method consists of you signing youth players from your academy and then building them up to either uses them in your squad or sell them on for big money. This is time-consuming but will be great for the future of your club. You can check a plethora of young players for your squad in SM21 here.

6. Sign the free agents who you think are profitable

Soccer Manager 2021 boost income
The best thing about free agents is of course the fact that they are free. It is recommended that you regularly check the free agents’ list for players. One method you could use to make money is by signing free agents that you think will rise in value due to their quality, then sell them the following season. You can check some of the best free agents for your team in SM21 here.

7. Sell players who do not fit your game plans

Obviously, the first method of making big money quickly is by selling players. However, there is a specific way of doing so. The players you sell must be ones that you know will not be of any use to you. As well as considering their usability to you, you have to also consider the player’s feelings. If they do not want to move to another club, you will not be able to force them. This makes getting rid of players much harder. A good way to identify surplus players is by looking at your squad depth. For each position in your desired formation, come up with a list of the players that can play in that position. You should aim for about 5 players in each position for a good level of squad depth. Any player that you think doesn’t help out enough or doesn’t fit in, you can sell.

8. Loan out players to free up wages

An alternative to selling players is to loan them out for a period of time. The benefit of this is that you will not have to pay the player’s wages. This will allow you to save money and use it in other aspects of your club. A good idea is to go through your squad and loan-list any youth players that won’t be breaking into your starting 11 anytime soon. Apart from helping you reduce wage costs, this also means that you can allow youngsters to grow to potentially be starters in the future.

9. Play the game on a regular basis

Soccer Manager 2021 boost income
Like in any other mobile game, you are encouraged to regularly play the game. SM21 offers rewards for this, including Free Packs, Daily Login rewards, and many more. The main reward currency for these kinds of activities is Gold which can help in every aspect of the game. Gold can buy cash injections, speed-ups for upgrades, and even specific Spotlight players where you can sign high-value players from a selection with Gold rather than cash. Just log in and play the game as often as you can to build up your rewards, this will then lead to cash benefits in your game career.

10. Aim for the top in all competitions

Soccer Manager 2021 boost income
It goes without saying, being a manager requires you to win trophies for your club. As well as the physical prize trophy, you will also earn some tidy prize money. Amongst handling your club finances, facilities, etc, you may sometimes forget that the whole point is to win glory for the club. Keep working hard towards these objectives and you will automatically earn benefits for your club.
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