Seraphine’s ultimate skin features narrative mission system that unlocks 2 more forms

Riot Games has confirmed Seraphine as the newest champion to join League of Legends‘ ever-expanding roster. Along with her unveiling, the developers have also shown off a new ultimate skin that sees the songstress join the popular virtual music group, K/DA. What players don’t know, however, is that Riot has made this new skin more unique than other ultimate skins. The cosmetic will also feature a new way to explore Seraphine’s story. By completing unique missions linked to the skin, players can unlock two more forms permanently through a narrative questline.
Image via Riot Games
When first purchased, K/DA All Out Seraphine will start out looking like a simple, unknown artist who created music from her bedroom and only had a few people following her on social media. She’s dressed in some casual clothing and the stage she floats on looks like it’s made from an acoustic guitar. Once you complete three missions in the skin’s questline, you’ll unlock a new form of Seraphine—a more confident, flashy pop star who now has a dedicated fan base of her own. Her appearance looks perfect for a big concert and the stage’s design has been switched out as well.
Image via Riot Games
Her last form is unlocked after finishing another two missions, which is where Seraphine is revealed in her complete form—a talented, world-renowned artist who’s finally collaborated with K/DA and has become a true superstar.
Image via Riot Games
After all three skins are unlocked, players can choose which version of Seraphine they wish to play as during champion select. If you’re the type to tell people, “I listened to her before she was popular,” you can stick with the original outfit. For everyone else who loves Seraphine’s current style, they can pick the look fit for a pop sensation. You can take the stage with Seraphine when League‘s Patch 10.22 drops.

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