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Rabbit races

If you start the game out at your lovely cabin house in the forest, then it won’t take long for you to run into a new character in the Sneaky Sasquatch world. Meet the rabbit. This little critter is quick and wears a headband to show that it’s an athlete. The rabbit will run off into different areas around the park. If you find him, he’ll give you some challenges, similarly to our old pal, the fox. Only thing is, these aren’t mischievous challenges. What the rabbit will have you do is run from point A to point B in on the map. So a race essentially. You need to reach your destination before the timer goes out. The rabbit will give you a time to beat and then you just run for it. The catch is that you can’t wear a disguise (rats!), so you may need to run from the rangers while you’re going for the finish line. You’ll be rewarded with coins upon completion. Complete all of the races and be given some sweet shoes for our buddy, Sasquatch.

Visit the Marina

Without a doubt, the hugest part among the latest updates is the Marina which was just added to the overall experience. It’s a massive new area that a bit of an extension past the town. All you need to do is head south of the police station and you’ll be on your way to paradise. As the name suggests and my last used word implies, this is a beach town. And there is a chunk you can explore to help keep you busy. From purchasing boats to riding on ferries to going surfacing, you’ll definitely get a good taste of Summer in Sneaky Sasquatch despite it coming nearly to an end in the real world. You can explore and discover some of the cool things you can do. As mentioned, you can go surfing as well as run along the beach like the beast that you are. There are places to also shop, dine, and go finishing. It really is a nice new world to visit and makes the game even more of an open-world kind of experience.

Get stylish

One feature that’s kind of small, but still neat is the ability to mix and match your swag. So, if you own several outfits and wanted to get creative with them, then here’s your chance. There’s a very fashion savvy goose in the back of our buddy raccoon’s shop.  She will allow you to make your change for a small fee. From here, you can put together any outfit combination that you’d like. So, if you want to rock a beanie while wearing a golf shirt, then go for it. You will also be able to change the color of the shirt of your choosing also.  The more outfits you own, the more fun you can have mixing and matching. If you did complete the main game, then you should have a decent amount of clothing options. And with the town available, you can add some more gear to your collection and really showcase your swag. 



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