FIFA 21: Seven players to transform on Career Mode – Silva, Alexander-Arnold & more

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EA has revealed Career Mode for the new game with a revamped growth system arriving on FIFA 21. You will now be able to change a player’s position, but who could excel elsewhere?

Lionel Messi (RW → CAM)

One of the game’s all-time greats, but how to prolong Lionel Messi’s career for as long as possible? By shifting Messi from the wing into the middle, you can counter his potentially declining speed by making him a creative midfielder instead.
lionel messi cam fifa 21 1
GOAT! Messi’s OVR won’t improve, but you can still prolong his effectiveness
Messi boasts 94 Vision, 94 Long Shots and 92 Short Passing which will help him become a master attacking midfielder. The Argentine’s defensive stats are low, but that won’t matter with his quality on the ball.

Bernardo Silva (RW → CM)

Already a top winger, can Bernardo Silva be the man to replace his namesake David? We certainly think so. Manchester City have Raheem Sterling and Riyad Mahrez as options out wide, so Bernardo could thrive in the centre of midfield.
bernardo silva cm fifa 21 1
SILVA LINING! Bernardo’s 90 potential could see him succeed David Silva in midfield
With 93 Stamina and 86 Short Passing, Bernardo already possesses to great attributes to help him dominate in the middle. Defensively Bernardo is weak, so that is an area of priority to improve. Also, his 76 Long Passing could be improved to expand his range of passing.

Trent Alexander-Arnold (RB → CM)

Arguably the best right back in the world, but could Trent Alexander-Arnold thrive elsewhere? TAA boasts terrific stats across the board, but his strengths are his Passing and Crossing attributes.
trent alexander arnold cm fifa 21 1
PASS MASTER! TAA’s passing ability is up there with the best
Playing in the centre of midfield could limit his crossing, however with 87 Long Passing and 85 Short Passing he will still provide excellent distribution. Alexander-Arnold does not boast electric pace or massive defensive attributes, so a move into central midfield could turn him into a superstar.

Kai Havertz (CAM → ST)

German star Kai Havertz has all the makings of a top class forward. Standing at 6’2”, Havertz has the size to lead the line on his own, and also has the pace to threaten in behind too!
kai havertz st fifa 21 1
FUTURE STAR! Havertz 93 potential is one of the highest on the game
The 21-year-old has a potential of 93 OVR, and already boasts 84 Finishing and 87 Sprint Speed. His 74 Heading Accuracy and 69 Strength are the two standout attributes that need developing for him to become a super striker.

Alphonso Davies (LB → LW)

It would not take much to turn Alphonso Davies into one of the game’s most dangerous wingers. READ MORE: What we know about the FIFA 21 Demo Could Canadian speedster Davies become the next Gareth Bale in transitioning from left back to world class forward?
alphonso davies lw fifa 21 1
SPEED MERCHANT! Davies is one of the fastest players on the planet and has a massive 88 potential
Still a teenager, Davies’ best asset is his blistering 95 Acceleration and 92 Sprint Speed. With such pace he will always be a threat, but his 77 Dribbling and 64 Finishing certainly need work if he is to become a world class winger.

Declan Rice (CDM → CB)

Where will West Ham youngster Declan Rice end up playing? We expect him to transition into a centre back in real life, and he has the ability to do the same on FIFA 21 Career Mode too.
declan rice cb fifa 21 1
RICE RICE BABY! Rice is solid defensively and his 86 potential could make him a great CB
With just 31 Finishing, Rice does not look like a goal threat from midfield. Rice could be in for an upgrade on FIFA 21, which could see his already solid defensive attributes boosted into the 80s. READ MORE: Will FIFA 21 be cross platform? Capable on the ball, Rice’s 76 Strength and 69 Heading Accuracy are two attributes that you can work on to help him become a top class centre back.

Bukayo Saka (LM → CAM)

It could be a long transition, but Bukayo Saka has the attributes to become an excellent number 10. Saka can play almost anywhere on the pitch with well balanced stats in every department.
bukayo saka cam fifa 21 1
YOUNG GUNNER! Saka has the highest potential of any Arsenal player
Defensively is where Saka is the weakest, so pushing him higher up the pitch will utilise his talents better. His 68 Short Passing and 60 Long Shots are two of the main attributes you will want to work on if Saka is to play behind the striker. READ MORE: Pre-order FIFA 21 HERE



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