Snapchat rolls out Halloween-themed lenses, bitmoji costumes and more

In the spirit of Halloween, social media app, Snapchat has rolled out a few themed features. These features include Halloween lenses, new bitmoji costumes and a “spooky Snap Map”. The new features will allow users to get Halloween-themed bitmoji costumes, track where their friends are “Trick-or-Treating” and use spooky AR lenses. For the unversed, Halloween is on 31 October. Also Read – Snapchat launches new Creator Hub to educate users about its creative tools Also Read – Snapchat suffered a massive outage globally last night

Snapchat Halloween-themed features

The newly introduced Werewolf lens uses AR technology to transform the user to human body mesh and body morphing. Using upper garment segmentation technology, users can also use the “Spooky Fashion” lens to transform their look. This Halloween-inspired costume will show a ghosts-themed spooky Haunted House. Also Read – Fortnitemares 2021: Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes, Frankenstein, The Mummy outfits, quests, and more Snapchat has introduced new six Bitmoji costumes including a fairy, a witch, a clown, a ballerina, & an angel and devil — as well as 3 new festive shirts and hoodies including two jack o’lanterns and a skeleton. Snapchat will also be able to share “Spooky stickers” with their friends via chats and snaps.

How to change your Bitmoji outfit

  1. Open the Snapchat app and tap on the profile in the top-left corner.
  2. Tap on the hanger icon on the top of your 3D Bitmoji. This will lead to a “Bitmoji Fashion wardrobe” that will show you the options of Halloween costumes to choose from.
  3. Users can now choose the outfit of their choice and they are good to go!
In addition to this, the social media app has also rolled out a “Snap Map” that will allow users to see where their friends are and what are their Halloween Bitmoji costumes. Snapchat assures that the users will be able to choose if they want to share their locations with their friends or switch to the “Ghost Mode” to disappear! Snapchat has also launched more Halloween AR lenses that include Spooky Spiders, Vampire Cat, Butterfly Surprise,  Devilish Smile and Cute Cyclops.




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