Samsung Odyssey G9 S49AG95: Ultra-wide gaming monitor with DisplayHDR 2000

The first dealer lists Samsung’s upcoming high-end monitor Odyssey G9 S49AG95 for the equivalent of almost 2000 euros and gives further details on the specifications. Accordingly, 2048 mini-LEDs will be used for the background lighting. Some of them achieve a peak brightness of 2000 cd / m² for a short time – together with the fine control per LED, this should result in a pretty picture with high dynamics. In the announcement of a new Odyssey G9 monitor from the beginning of March, Samsung stated “HDR 2000”. According to the Listing on the Chinese online marketplace Taobao the Odyssey G9 S49AG95 should actually meet the requirements of the DisplayHDR level 2000, which the VESA has not yet officially presented. As usual, the 49-inch VA panel in 32: 9 format should come from Samsung’s own production. The display shows 5120 × 1440 pixels at up to 240 Hertz, achieves a high contrast of 4000: 1 typical for VA and is tightly curved in the 1000R radius. The DCI-P3 color space should be covered to at least 95 percent. The typical brightness apart from short-term peak values ​​is noted with Taobao at 1000 cd / m². The full resolution with 240 Hertz can be displayed via DisplayPort 1.4 including Display Stream Compression (DSC). The refresh rate is specified dynamically by the graphics card via Adaptive-Sync (AMD FreeSync, Nvidia G-Sync Compatible). The response time should again be one millisecond (GtG) with overdrive. According to the Taobao listing, delivery in China will begin in mid-June 2021. At almost 2000 euros, the advance price is around 12 percent above the recommended retail price of the current Odyssey G9 C49G95T (1730 euros). However, German dealers are currently selling the monitor for as little as 1250 euros. The biggest difference lies in the backlighting: With the Odyssey G9 C49G95T, the light-emitting diodes are not located behind the panel, but on the edge of the display and can only be controlled in ten zones. Samsung puts the maximum brightness at 1000 cd / m², the typical at 420 cd / m². (mma)
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