Samsung Galaxy Tab SE7 FE: competition for the iPad Air?

Samsung has big plans: In 2020 Apple caused a big surprise with the new version of the iPad Air. The tablet not only received a new design that is strongly reminiscent of the iPad Pro, but also the A14 bionic chip that was later installed in the iPhone 12. It also impressed with a Touch ID sensor hidden in the power button. It was even convincing at the checkout: with a price of 649 euros, it clearly stands out from the cost of an iPad Pro. The challenger Samsung is asking just as much for the Samsung Galaxy Tab SE7 FE. But not for the WiFi version as with Apple. Instead, customers get the higher quality 5G version for the money.

The best tablets

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Galaxy Tab S7
Galaxy Tab S6
Galaxy Tab S7 +
iPad mini (2019)
iPad Air (2020)
iPad Air (2019)
Surface Pro 7+
Galaxy Tab S5e
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S-Pen already included

The new tablet has a 12.4 inch (about 31.5 cm) LC display with a resolution of 2560×1600 pixels. It does not have an OLED screen like the top model Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 +. An S-Pen is also included in the scope of delivery – another advantage over the iPad Air, pen operation costs extra here. When it comes to cameras, Samsung can’t quite keep up. In contrast to the 12 and 7 megapixels of the main and front cameras of the Apple tablet, the Galaxy Tab only offers 8 and 5 megapixels. There are also differences in the processors: Samsung equips the WiFi version of its tablet with the Qualcomm SM7325 and the 5G model with the Snapdragon 750G. Apple, on the other hand, uses the aforementioned A14 Bionic chip for the iPad Air.

Strong battery power

In terms of battery performance, Samsung speaks of a continuous operating time of around 13 hours for the Galaxy Tab 7 FE. In terms of storage capacity, Samsung draws level with Apple and also offers 64 gigabytes. The 5G version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE can be ordered from the Samsung online store for 649 euros. The price and release date of the WiFi version are not yet known for the German market.



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