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After a successful anniversary livestream that was watched by thousands, NetEase and CCP Games have officially launched the content update for EVE Echoes as discussed in the stream. The EVE Echoes Anniversary Update adds a myriad of content to the game making it the perfect time for you to hop in if you haven’t already and explore the world of New Eden. eve echoes faction wargamesJumping right into the update, we have:

Brand New Tutorial

As promised, a new tutorial has been introduced and it will be as user-friendly as possible. It will make the journey for newcomers much smoother by providing special hints and UI upgrades to explain the different features of the game.

Faction Wargames

This is a 10v10 combat simulator where players battle each other using a selection of pre-made ships. You can earn Loyalty Points in this mode which can be traded for nanocores, and ship debris for the Sisters of Eve and Mordu’s Legion. This mode is essentially valuable for the newer players as they do not risk losing ships and modules while playing. You can also expect constant optimizations for this mode.

New Exploration Sites: Relic and Data Sites

There are new Pirate Data and Relic Sites hidden throughout New Eden. These can be hacked using a special data analyzer to get blueprints for ship rigs and industry decryptors. These will grant you multiple bonuses for manufacturing and reverse engineering. new relic sites and data sites

Citadel Support Structures

After the January update that allowed corporations to build outposts and claim the sovereignty of nullsec zones, now, Six Corporation Citadel Support Structures have been added to the game. These will help ramp up to efficiency and worth of your Corporation Citadel, which will aid during wars. The Entosis Link is a new module that allows players to control and upgrade the Citadel and its support structures. Briefly touching upon the future of Eve Echoes, NetEase and CCP plan on including four dreadnoughts and four carriers in an October update, and Project Discovery will be launching later this year too. This is definitely an amazing time to get into the game and you can download it for free on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Also, check out these amazing RPGs to play on your mobile! Want more? Check out our 13 other EVE Echoes news stories!



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