Rokkr: Stream free movies and series

Pure entertainment that “rocks”, they promise Media browser developer Rokkr. The software is available free of charge, for example in the Google Play Store, where the app is already in the top charts with more than 100,000 downloads. The principle is easy to explain: the app acts as a streaming media center and bundles films and series from different providers on one platform. In this way you can keep track of which content is available from which provider and stream your favorites without having to search through the individual streaming services.

Vavoo, Watched and Rokkr

The concept of Rokkr is strongly reminiscent of Watched, the “ultimate multimedia browser”, which caused a sensation in 2020, as well as its predecessor Vavoo: No wonder, because behind it is the same manufacturer. To set up Rokkr, users select their program from the so-called bundles after installation. For example, you get by entering the address and then tap on WATCHUP Bundle Access to an overview of the most popular films and series currently on Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, Sky & Co., can also be used with the Media library bundle integrate the free media libraries from ARD and ZDF into the app. By clicking on a preview image, Rokkr provides details and links to the streaming services that offer the corresponding content. In order to watch the films and series of certain providers, you need an account (usually for a fee) with the respective service.

Is Rokkr illegal?

Downloading, installing and using the Rokkr app should be legal as with Watched. Rokkr itself does not offer streaming content that you add via bundles. However, caution is advised: Apart from the legal extensions, there are numerous dodgy bundle URLs on the Internet (mostly with the ending “.to”), which make copyrighted and usually paid films and series available free of charge. Their use is illegal! Therefore, it is advisable to carefully check the legality of the third-party bundles. If you are offered current films and series (which cost money elsewhere) for free, the offer is very likely to be illegal.



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