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1 S Tier

A Last Cloudia Tier List will always put the event Units ranked high up in the charts, so Units from the Secret of Mana and Devil May Cry collabs will always have top-tier features. Limited Banners, like the Descent of Heroes banner, will also reward you with overpowered Units (like the crazy mage Lily) as well. For the rest of the regular pulls, these are the best ones to reroll for: Thunderbolt Sevia Killer Ice Princess Sevia Dyne of the Three Sages Sevia learns Dual Wield for free from her ability nodes, while Dyne has a talent that – if the foe resists Fire more than Dark – lets him switch the element of any spell to Dark. last cloudia tier list - thunderbolt sevia

2 A Tier

Ice General Zekus Godhunter Shin Lukiel Master Thief Robin Leena the Warlock Princess Lilah Sorcerer Luckily, you can grab Zekus for free simply by playing through the story, so if you don’t want to spend your rolls on a mage, Zekus will keep you covered. Leena’s MND is off the charts, while Lilah has really high MP. Lukiel is just plain waifu material, and that’s cool enough. last cloudia tier list - lukiel

3 B Tier

Phantom Thief Robin Seilios Soul Reaper Melza Prince Gorm Phantom Thief Robin has super fast auto attacks, and he can equip all kinds of weapons, making him a valuable Unit for Story mode farming, Tower, and Arena. Prince Gorm can make for a pretty sturdy tank with a useful party-wide heal as his Ultimate skill.

4 C Tier

Kyle the Swordsman Rei the Beast Lilebette of the Blaze Mysterious Girl Theria White Knight Melza Doura the Bluebeard Gravein the Sky Hero Blood Rose Sorry, Kyle, Rei, Theria, and Lilebette – you guys are the main characters, but you’re just not strong enough. Remember: a Last Cloudia Tier List will only be as useful to you as the character build you have in mind, as you can customize your Unit to suit your playstyle best. While it’s easy to get obsessed with scoring the perfect roll, the important thing is that you like your party and enjoy playing them!



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