Roblox August 2020 Cosmetics Leak: Promo Codes, Clothes, Accessories, Free Robux & More


There are cosmetic leaks popping up all the time and there’s no way to keep track of them! Or is there…
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As we approach the new month, there’s only one thing on Roblox players’ minds, and that is the free promo codes! However, there’s a whole page dedicated to the latest Roblox items that could be on their way…

Cosmetics Leak

There’s a whole website dedicated to upcoming Roblox items before they are released!
ALL OF EM: This site is dedicated to every Roblox cosmetics leak
View leaked images, details, and content right here, or follow RoliLeaks on twitter for more updates.

August Promo Codes

We’re anticipating the next set of promo codes to arrive any time now… well, at least we’re hoping for a set of codes!
VARIATION: You can make your avatar look however you want in Roblox
Last month we only saw one new code, and it was for the Black Prince Succulent headphones. READ MORE: Roblox Free Music Codes However, we have the full list of active promo codes, so you should get them before they disappear!
codes 1
SHADES AND SHOULDER ACCESSORIES: Get all the latest clothing for your avatar!
These accessories are certainly a bold choice for customising your avatar with, and they have a surprising amount of detail.
promo codes
SICKO MODE: All of your mates will be jealous of this cool hat, backpack and cool set of headphones
And if free clothing isn’t enough for you, there are also ways that you can create your own clothing, with the option to make some money off of it!




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