Google Maps: Are there huge sandworms in the Sahara?

KThanks to their high-resolution satellite images, species services such as Google or Apple Maps keep revealing mysterious spots on earth. In the Sahara, for example, the two route planners show huge holes that are arranged in a circle. A first assumption suggests that huge sandworms frolic in the vastness of the largest dry desert on earth. Far from it: loud Media report is a work of art that was created in the desert 23 years ago. Incredible: The artwork called “Desert Breath” covers an area of ​​100,000 square meters. The Sahara also offers more than enough space for this type of land art: the desert is 26 times larger than Germany and thus almost as large as the United States.

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These artists made Desert Breath

In 1997, Danae Stratou, Alexandra Stratou and Stella Constantinides were involved in the project. Together with their team, the artists circulated an incredible 8,000 cubic meters of sand, creating the elevations and depressions in the desert. Viewed from the air, the total work of art results from two interlocking spirals. Even after more than two decades, the work can still be seen. However, it slowly decays due to natural weathering in the desert. According to the artist, “Desert Breath” should suggest an experience of infinity with the desert as a landscape of the mind. The photo gallery reveals what other fascinating places Google has to offer.



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